Zodiac Significance of Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen’s Divorce!

A long thirteen year marriage ended between Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen! Well that news blew up away.  Was it pretty obvious? We went through their stars to see how things went sour. Keep scrolling below to check what went wrong between the two.

Tom Brady’s Insights

Tom was born on the 3rd of August and has recently turned 45. If we take a look at his stars he’s got a Leo sun accompanied by an Aries moon providing him with double fire. He surely was on the right career path as Leo wants a name for themselves and Aries is into action but the twist in the tale is Leo seeks love from the people close to their heart rather than the world shouting their name.

Zodiac Significance of Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen's Divorce

As per an Aries moon they resemble the one who’ve spent most of their life in battles and have reincarnated to give up their weapons and make a better life for themselves.

Gisele Bundchen Insights

Gisele was born on the 20th of July during the year 1980 and has Cancer sun accompanied with a Scorpio moon. This combination resembles a person who’s determined to preserve their relationship and is always there to support their partner. Apart from that she’s also stated that she’s played her role very well and her star says she’s not someone who’s going to push things to the extreme.


What do their Stars Say?

Well to be straight forward it was quite a wonder that they lasted for thirteen long years because their stars indicate that they live on quite the extreme ends, as Leo is the one who wants to be known round the globe whereas cancer seeks for home.

The Journey

There’s been a ton of ups and downs in their relationship. As Brady’s ex Bridget Monahan claimed to have his child during the initial days of Tom and Gisele’s relationship. Later on she gave birth to his son Jack.

Apart from Jack they’ve got another son named Benjamin alongside a pretty daughter named Vivian.

Tom’s zodiac indicates that he’s out there to make a name for himself. Whereas on the other side Gisele’s got a caring nature who’s ready to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of their family. And that’s not a proper balance.


If we look at their moon they both have their moons being ruled by the planet Mars. Undoubtedly they both are filled with passionate love making and are ready to undergo transformation led by their partner. But as the divorce is being finalized we won’t have a glimpse of that.

Let’s hope that this divorce might lead them to a better path in order to achieve a happy life.

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