Zodiac Sign: Best & Worst Star Signs in Box Office!

Zodiac Sign: Well, don’t you think the zodiac stars of the movie stars have an impact on the movie they are cast in or how well the movie performs, undoubtedly their stars are in a better alignment as compared to ours but let’s check out what are the best and the worst zodiac signs in the box office?

A Bit Low:

All our lives were recently affected a lot by Covid-19 which also had an impact on the production of movies but certainly, things are back on track and this summer Tom Cruise started Top Gun: Maverick and The mind-blowing marvel duo of the scarlet witch and Dr. Strange in the “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” crossed the 400 million dollar threshold.

zodiac-sign What Research Says:

We took a survey of around 200 highest-grossing movies in the industry of all times to check out what’s the best and worst zodiac signs at the Box Office.

astrology-zodiac sign in box office

Best Zodiac Sign:

Scorpio is considered the best sign followed by libra in this industry. The people having the Scorpio sign are quite emotional as well as bring a great amount of intensity moreover they are considered to be the gods and goddesses of sex. The stars having this sign are Leonardo Dicaprio, Ryan Gosling, Julia Roberts, and many more.

The people having the libra sign possess a charming nature. The stars having this sign are Matt Damon and Kate Winslet.


The Worst Zodiac Sign:

Well, as per the research Capricorn is considered to be the worst sign due to their stubborn and inflexible nature. They don’t seem to adapt as per their needs although Denzel Washington and Jared Leto can quarrel about this, the exceptions aren’t the examples.

Zodiac Sign Best & Worst Star Signs in Box Office

None of the movies in the top 10 list have a star in them who owns a Capricorn sign.

The Top List:

  • Gemini and Taurus had one star to their name in the top ten.
  • Virgo has two under its sleeves.
  • Libra was the most dominant star sign.
  • Sagittarius comes next to love Libra.

Zodiac Sign Best & Worst Star Signs in Box Office

 The Final Part:

Well, whatever the stars may be the Actors are paid so that they can act to be someone different from their own nature. So playing a particular role has little to no effect on the role the star sign has to play. But sometimes it’s better to play with the stars on your side.

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