Your Weekly Horoscope for this week is here!

This week is the one for you to succeed! A dazzling week for personal and professional victories awaits you. This upcoming Libra season is the one for you to put your foot down and get that prize.

Weekly Horoscope:


Romance is a lifestyle, Aries, so be sure to add it to your busy calendar. The key to harnessing this energy is to allow yourself to shift your work-life balance in favour of dating and pleasure rather than just grinding at the job. You’ll be glad you’re taking time for matters of the heart.


True love is calling your name, Taurus. As Venus brings her energy to your solar fifth house of true love, romance, and fertility, all of these matters will shimmer and grow. Singles must harness this to find new options.


Embrace the comforts of home, Gemini. Transform your living space into a sanctuary. Relations with your family members should also improve during this time. If ready for a renovation or changing up your décor, you’ll have the artistic flair you need.


Speak from the heart, and you will connect with another’s soul, Cancer. This is a wonderful moment to tell someone how you feel or ask for a favour. Others will be more receptive to your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. You have the perfect words to speak, text, and share.


Transform your life into an empire of gold, Leo. This is an ideal time not only to bring more wealth to you but also to look for gorgeous new items that others may have overlooked. Treat yourself. You deserve it!


Know that you are beautiful inside and out, Virgo. You have a very special light that all others adore. This is the most important period of the year to update your wardrobe, start a new facial routine, or try out a new hairstyle. Others will be enchanted with you. 


Focus on treating yourself to self-love Libra. Soak up the pleasure. Your entire spirit and body will feel rejuvenated if you do this now. There’s no time like the present to find the beauty in the silence.


Popularity looks good on you, Scorpio. Everyone will be begging for your attention now. Enjoy events and networking mixers, or even try out a dating app or matchmaker if looking for love. Linking to others will be like second nature at this time.


Show the world how you can stand in glory now, Sagittarius, especially in a power couple! The world is watching you rise and soar at this time. If single, try dating “up” in the world. You could enchant someone with money, power, or fame.


Focus on pleasurable experiences that will open up your spirit and enchant your mind, Capricorn. The universe is calling out to you. This is an ideal period to connect to spirituality with a lover or even visit far destinations that you’ve always wanted to explore.


Intimacy is the word, Aquarius. Uniting with another will be like magic now. While couples will likely enjoy this energy much more potently, it is an ideal period to assess your authentic needs in any kind of fulfilling partnership. Singles can focus on making a list of traits they want their future lover to have.


Harmony will bless your relationships now, Pisces. It’s time to dance with a mirror to you. This ensures you’ll have a pleasant vibe in all of your connections, especially with your significant other. Focus on being giving, and they will return that energy right back to you.