Your Weekly Horoscope for this week is here!

This week’s horoscope focuses on you going with the flow and not letting in any stress. It focuses on your harnessing the negative energy into you and turning it into positive. With the start of Mercury Retrograde, it is important to be aware of our surroundings and imbibe positive energy. 

Your Weekly Horoscope:


Review and assess your partnerships, Aries. Always make sure you’re on the same page. Exes or old partners may cross your path now. If you’d like to reconnect with someone, do so at the beginning of the week.


Something is off when it comes to your work-life balance, Taurus. Don’t overwork yourself just because you think that you should. Confusion and challenges may be cropping up concerning your responsibilities and duties. Don’t let the stress get to you. Unplug if you need to. You’ll be glad that you did.


Nostalgia may be consuming your romantic life, Gemini. An ex or old flame may even cross your path. Instead, you may be having confusion or miscommunication pop up in connection to a present partner. Don’t let it bring you frustration. 


Your past is whispering to you, Cancer. Turn within to learn who and what is calling out. Your emotions could be quite rocky now, so it is best to ground yourself and find balance. If you communicate with your family, you’ll have a better chance of knowing how to proceed.


If your mind is spinning, Leo, it’s time to ground yourself and truly analyze your thoughts, plans, and ideas. Don’t sign contracts, launch endeavours, or agree to anything new. Instead, return to old projects and assess how you can make them more effective.


It’s time to assess your income and expenses, Virgo. Delays around checks, payments or clients could also be cropping up. Plan ahead so you don’t end up panicking. You can weather this storm with ease when you know it’s coming.


Don’t fight the chaos at this time, Libra. Flow and surrender. Don’t let this stress or anxiety consume you. You’re not being punished by the universe, even though it may at times feel that way. You’re being given a chance to revise your path.


Pay vivid attention to your dreams this week, Scorpio. Breakthroughs regarding the past could be bubbling up from your subconscious. On the other hand, you could feel that your anxiety is fired up, especially about secrets, baggage, or situations that you wish had closure. Don’t beat yourself up about what came before. 


Reconnect with old friends or an ex this week, Sagittarius. This is an excellent moment to reignite old rapports or catch up with your network. You’re in favour of doing so now, and you’ll likely deeply enjoy this energy. However, don’t reach out to anyone who would just bring toxic vibes into your life once again.


Revise your plans to reach your greatest crown, Capricorn. Reconnect with the clarity you need regarding your professional ambitions. This isn’t to harm your reputation but to help you to better understand how you can streamline your efforts rather than spinning your wheels.


The past is calling to you now, Aquarius. Old ideas, destinations, and lifestyles may be whispering to you this week. Review how spirituality and culture have played a part in your journey and how you can find gratitude for the lessons they once taught you.


Don’t make any decisions around assets or investments this week, Pisces. Money matters are strictly off the table. You may feel impulsive about these matters now, but it is not wise to do so. Instead, review your finances and begin to consult advisors about other potential strategies.