Your Weekly Horoscope for this Week is Here!

This week we have a new moon in Leo illuminating dramatic new opportunities and unexpected fresh starts. Be brave, and don’t hold yourself back from being seen as you seize this moment with a burst of inspired energy. In true Leo fashion, fortune favours the bold right now! 

Your Weekly Horoscope:


Enjoy this breather, Aries. As a big project comes to a close, this week provides a lovely respite before the next whirlwind begins! Relish in the lightness of your schedule by kicking back and relaxing because doing nothing has never felt this good! Savor every minute of it before you get busy again.


Indulge in your alone time, Taurus. Just because everyone is requesting your presence at all of their events doesn’t mean you have to accept every invitation that comes your way. If you can’t handle all the socializing and would prefer some alone, just do you unapologetically.


No need to be impulsive, Gemini. Even though you might be feeling impatient to move forward with haste, the decisions you must make this week require careful consideration and thoughtful planning. You have the time to weigh your options, so use it to your advantage before making any major commitments.


Let go of that bad habit, Cancer. Do you really need to hold onto that vice any longer? What was once a safety net is no longer needed because you have outgrown it. Put it to bed already because you have learned far healthier coping skills through your trials and tribulations.


Don’t try to avoid things. You can only keep your head in the proverbial sand for so long before everything catches up to you. Instead of pretending something isn’t happening, just face it and handle it. The anxiety of the anticipation is far worse than the actual situation.


Enjoy the quiet time, Virgo. Both your professional and your personal life have been quite demanding as of late. Everyone needs your attention and advice, but when was the last time you made space for your peaceful moments of reflection? Slow down this week and consult your own inner compass to navigate your next move with clarity.


It’s never too late to make a change, Libra.  Maybe you have evolved away from this path, or you have outgrown a situation, but if something just isn’t working out (no matter how hard you may try!), give yourself permission to let it go. This will create space for something new and more aligned with what you are now.


Pool your resources and take the help of others, Scorpio. You can only get so far on your path by going at it alone, and this week’s lessons shine a light on that reminder to look for more opportunities to collaborate. By combining your skills with others in your network, you can create something far greater than you had originally dreamed possible.


Keep your jealousy in check, Sagittarius. It’s hard not to get caught up in the comparison game, especially when it comes to the portrayals of others’ seemingly perfect lives on social media. Remember that what you see is just a highly curated highlight reel, but use it mindfully as fuel to reinvigorate your own goals.


Celebrate everything, Capricorn! This week’s energy makes you feel festive and ready to plan a get-together with your besties. No specific occasion in mind? It’s all good because any day can be a holiday!  Enjoy the excuse to kick back and have fun with good food and friends.  


Sometimes situations just don’t work out or go according to plan. Try to find the humour in the mistakes and foibles you have been experiencing lately. Laugh it off and move on to something else. Life doesn’t have to be so serious right now.


If everything is feeling rather drab and dull this week, it’s time to shake everything up and seek new inspiration. Make it a point to go on an adventure somewhere you have never been before, even in your own neighbourhood, to inject a little excitement into your routine.