Your Weekly Horoscope for this week is here!

On November 23, we will experience both a new moon in Sagittarius and the end of Jupiter retrograde in Pisces. This is especially important because of Jupiter, which means that as we set forth on this new journey, luck will once again be on our side.

Weekly Horoscope:


Feel the adrenaline rushing through your blood, Aries. You may feel like a bird set free. This week’s new moon brings promises of adventure from the heights of your solar ninth house of expansion. You may now find a new path to soar upon long-distance travel or return to school for higher academic studies. 


Assess your relationships on a true level playing field, Taurus. This week’s new moon will echo from the depths of your solar eighth house of intimacy, trust, and vulnerability. If things have been rocky, you can now heal some of the traumas to move forward better. However, if you’ve been struggling with a separation, the final details could soon be approved now. Know what you want and remember what you deserve.


It’s time to stand side by side with a partner, Gemini. That is, of course, if you’re both on the same page. This week’s new moon will favour commitment and union. Singles may find someone who has staying potential. Couples can use this energy to discuss long-term goals and plans they’d like to work in tandem upon. If things have been shaky as of late, use this breath of fresh air to remember why you fell in love in the first place.


Let’s get a move on, Cancer. This week’s new moon is telling you to get cranking along. Productivity is the M.O. now, so prepare to be taking on more responsibilities, projects, and plans from your employer or client. If you’d like to shift to a new job or boss, consider applying now. The stars will be much more in your favour. Something perfect for you could glitter like a jewel in the sand.


To find romance, you have to believe it’s out there, Leo. This week’s new moon ignites a fresh start around matters of the heart. If you’ve been single and haven’t found a perfect match, now is the key moment to put yourself out there and line up several different suitors. One of them may captivate you. If you’ve been committed for a while, though, you can still share in this glow by planning some magical and memorable dates for just the two of you.


More stability is on its way, Virgo. Thankfully you are moving toward a better sense of emotional security and alignment with the universe. This week’s new moon will bring you the chance to pivot in a new direction around home or family matters. If you’re seeking to move or get into real estate, consider looking into it now. You may now find the perfect fit if it evaded you before.


Consider opening your mind to new ideas, learning, and wisdom, Libra. This week’s new moon will bring you a deep curiosity about life and the world. As your solar third house gets tickled, you can now update your resume or enrol in fascinating courses that could improve your credentials and ultimately lead you to higher roles and more money down the line. An idle mind does no one good at all.


While money has likely been a bit topsy-turvy as of late, you may now have a better plan of action going forward, Scorpio. This week’s new moon brings fresh energy to your solar second house of finances. A new job offer, side hustle, raise, or lucrative client is out there if you’re willing to dust yourself off and uncover it. Remember that wealth is a mindset and a way of life.


Turn the page in your story’s book, Sagittarius. A new day has dawned. With the new moon singing a hopeful message from within your zodiac sign this week, you’re encouraged to dust off your vision board and seize the day. Use this week to start new patterns, new journeys, and new habits. You’re beginning a whole new trend that could last for a year. Know what you wish for and deserve and go forth to make it happen.


Don’t push so hard right now, Capricorn. You’re always such a workhorse, but even you need some tender loving care. This week’s new moon encourages you to turn within and activate your inner spirituality. Use this energy to release the past, let go of baggage, and heal any anxiety or trauma that is heavy on your mind. You could soon be floating much lighter than you have in the past year.


If you don’t speak up for what you want, no one can read your mind, Aquarius. This week’s new moon will energize you to connect with people both personally and professionally in your network. Make a list of your top aspirations and consider who you know that may be able to open the door to each of them. If you don’t have someone who can, it’s time to put yourself out there and find them.


An open door has arrived for your professional life, Pisces. With the new moon bringing power and strength to your career, it’s time to strategize how you can move toward your next rung on the ladder. Know that if you strike now and work your way in a calculated manner, you may have a whole new crown to celebrate six months from now. Success is ready for you so take it!