Your Weekly Horoscope for this week is here!

Eclipse season has fully arrived. This period of the year is one of the most intense, for better and worse, due to the overwhelming might and potency of the sun and the moon. Solar eclipses bring destined new beginnings and open up whole new journeys before us. They are known to be friendlier than lunar eclipses, as they bring a gust of energy to our lives and invigorate us with a hunger for more. 

Weekly Horoscope:


Fresh starts concerning wealth may manifest for you, Aries. This week’s solar eclipse could bring a tremendous fresh start in regard to assets, investments, or large money matters. This could trigger a big win, especially if you’ve been applying for a scholarship, venture capital, or a settlement.


A major new beginning in your relationships has arrived, Taurus. You could take the next step with your one and only or, if single, find a soulmate. A sudden decision to move in, make a promise, get engaged, or even be wed may now be on the table.


An exhilarating fresh start in your work life has arrived, Gemini. Prepare for new horizons, projects, and responsibilities. If you’ve been out of work, you may have a sudden breakthrough in a similar field or dream career. Start applying everywhere that interests you. Your résumé could rise to the top.


A dazzling new beginning regarding your heart’s desires arrives like a bouquet from heaven, Cancer. You could feel yourself crying with joy. Singles may now cross paths with a soulmate or be introduced to someone who becomes a forever lover. If looking to conceive, the stars may now open before you like curtains on a stage.


Big domestic decisions are being dangled before you, Leo. You may decide to make a big change. You may now decide to move, renovate, redecorate, or even relocate. Pay attention to what your gut is telling you to do. You’d be wise to listen.


The winds are changing, propelling you in new directions, Virgo. Let them lift up your sails. This trip was literally written in the stars, as it’ll pique your intellectual curiosity about the world and shift your perspective in exhilarating ways.


A destined new beginning around your income has arrived like a jewel sifted from the sands, Libra. More money is on the way. You could hear of a raise, a new job offer, a side hustle, or a lucrative client interested in your offers and services. Strike while the iron is hot. 


Destiny is summoning you forth, Scorpio. Rise, proceed, and embrace it! With a solar eclipse in your solar first house of identity (your zodiac sign) unlocking all doors before you, you are encouraged to seize the day and choose which path you’ll follow. Trust your intuition, know what you desire, and have faith that you will find the answers to whatever you seek. You’re ready.


The universe is encouraging you to slow down and reset, Sagittarius. Don’t push too hard at this time. Consider connecting with a therapist, doctor, or counsellor who may have a fresh perspective to help you heal once and for all. Before you know it, you’ll be as good as new.


A new platonic soulmate may manifest upon your path, Capricorn. It could be a friendship for the ages! Be open to meeting new people, attending events, or even expanding your social circle online. This person could hold the key to guiding you to new happiness levels.


The next phase in your career evolution is calling out to you, Aquarius. You are ready for a fresh start. A promotion, new job offer, or opportunity to carve out your legacy may appear out of a magician’s hat. Be focused.


Wisdom will be granted to you this week, Pisces. It could change your life forever. This may bring an opportunity to pursue academics, international pursuits or travel, spiritual evolution, or even media projects. No matter what, trust what your gut is telling you. This could be the nudge in a new direction you are grateful to embark upon.