Your Weekly Horoscope for this week is here!

A big week has arrived, ensuring that you have the opportunity to step into your power, assert yourself, and pursue your greatest desires. The mantra for this week is to Seize the day to create the life you desire.

Weekly Horoscope:


Command like the royalty that you are, Aries. All eyes are on you. Now is an important moment to assert yourself and declare what you want in your life. Use the energy to manifest your goals and delegate to others to help you at this time.


Listen to the fire whispering in the depths of your spirit, Taurus. Your intuition is calling. This is a crucial moment to find stillness and open yourself up to your innate intuition. The universe is speaking in synchronicities to you directly. 


Let euphoria ignite your life, Gemini. Joy is your birthright. Your social life will be important to you at this time, so connect with others who feel like your tribe. Network to link to others who may be able to open the door to one of your heartfelt goals or desires.


Shoot like a star through the night, Cancer. The world is looking up to you with adoration. A promotion, competitive job offer, award, or applause could soon be coming your way. Know that you’re ready to stand in your glory, success, recognition, and power.


Dance like a chariot into new horizons, Leo. Adventure is beckoning you onward. Consider where you stand now and where you’d like to go and which roads will help take you there. You are ready to soar.


Trust is a form of love and magic, Virgo. Open your heart up just a little bit more. This will allow you to grow closer to someone in love or business. However, if you’re not on the same page, you’ll notice it may be time to separate and go your separate ways. Be direct.


It is time to dance with a twin flame, Libra. Unite because it’s meant to be or let them go once and for all. A decision to grow closer may be upon you, such as moving in, making promises, or signing an agreement. Yet, if you’re not seeing eye-to-eye, you may decide a breakup is just better off in the end.


Pick up the pace like a workhorse, Scorpio. You have the fire within you! However, you could also be transitioning from one job to the next! If seeking employment, use the energy of this week to find the right path.


Set your heart on fire, Sagittarius. Passion, pleasure, art, and beauty are all calling your name! Big news or a culmination around these themes could now be at hand. If single, this is a crucial moment to put yourself out there, line up dates, and meet someone new. Seize the moment if you’re looking for love.


Consider your domestic life and obligations, Capricorn. It’s time to see how you can improve them now. Know that you’re the master of your destiny and will need to assert yourself to make a change, though. No one will do it for you if you don’t declare.


Broadcast your voice and vision to every corner of the world, Aquarius. Your ideas are as good as gold. You may now be debuting a milestone writing, speaking, advertising, branding, or social media initiative. Know that people will pay attention the more that you are confident in the message. In fact, they may bow in wonder.


Choose to live a life of abundance, Pisces. Money manifests when you live in a mindset that chooses wealth over lack. Consider how you can monetize and save more rather than always spinning your wheels. The universe wishes to supply for you now.