What you should focus on in August

Prepare for four wonderful weeks of focused mental healing, organising, and budget preparation if you thought July was a hectic month. It’s time to organise your thoughts, routines, and finances because on August 4, fastidious Mercury will enter its native sign of upright Virgo. Additionally, the sun will stay in liberated Leo until August 22 to serve as a reminder that there are no boundaries for genuine self-expression and to assist you avoid overthinking (which is renowned for Mercury in Virgo).

Utilize the Aquarius full moon on August 11 if you’re feeling confused, overworked, or like you need extra help throughout the first two weeks of the month. Use this revolutionary madness to connect with your people and get over your concerns about belonging and teamwork. Venus, the planet of lust and wealth, is actually asking you to rekindle the passion in your career and relationships when it enters passionate Leo on August 11 (the same day as the full moon). What is the necessity of your heart? What yearns your heart? Now is the time to live authentically in your truth.

Expect a significant energy shift midmonth on August 20 as motivator Mars leaves dependable Taurus and enters brave Gemini, as if the universe knew you needed a pick-me-up.


Mars will be in Gemini until March 25, 2023, so get ready to put your ideas into action (or at least get them out of your head). Just keep in mind that on August 22, the sun will move into critical Virgo, compelling you to consider the viability of your ideas rather than just their flash and glamour.

On August 24, unpredictable Uranus, the planet of invention and abrupt change, will go retrograde, forcing you to face the aspects of your life that need to be shaken up or that have become profoundly unstable. This will be the month’s climactic event. The Virgo new moon on August 27 is a gentle reminder that there’s no need to stress or rush the process, despite the fact that change can be frightening. Take advantage of the new moon to begin a life overhaul and mental reset.