What Is the Strongest Zodiac Sign?

Out of each of the 12 zodiac signs, there are only a select few that are commonly known for their strength. Whether it be internally or externally, these signs exude toughness and resilience.  

Most Powerful: Scorpio

Don’t be fooled. Scorpio might be a water sign, but they are the most powerful sign of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, Scorpios are incredibly hardworking and determined, and very rarely take “no” for an answer. When Scorpio wants something, nothing and no one can stand in their way. And they never give up without a fight.

As a fixed sign, they have an advantage over the other Mars-ruled sign, Aries, because of their consistent nature. These individuals not only are ambitious, but they never stop fighting for what they want.

Strongest Physically: Aries 

As a fire sign, Aries individuals are incredibly energetic and filled with ambition. Because of this, it’s rare that Aries isn’t up for a challenge, in fact, they’re incredibly competitive.

As the first sign of the zodiac, they prefer to be No. 1 in everything that they do, and, as a Mars-ruled sign, they tend to be pretty athletic. As a cardinal sign, they tend to excel at any exercise that requires a lot of energy in short bursts, like running or lifting weights.

They thrive when embarking on any new project or pursuit, but are prone to burning out because of how much energy they tend to put forth in the beginning. 

Other Powerful Sign: Leo 

Leos are the confident, self-assured fire signs of the zodiac, and they make excellent leaders. It’s rare that you’ll find a Leo following in someone else’s footsteps. They’re usually the ones doing the trailblazing.

Their fixed, fiery nature keeps them locked in on their goals, and they’re incredibly consistent in their desire to be the centre of attention. While a bit self-absorbed at times, Leos simply believe in their ability to be the best, so don’t even try to convince them otherwise. When a Leo puts their mind to something, they’ll definitely accomplish it.