What is Chiron and How to Pronounce it?

Chiron holds great value in Astrology and even though it is not a planet, it holds great significance. The place of Chiron in your birth chart offers deep insight into where some of your deepest inner wounds lie, and, by understanding Chiron through the zodiac sign and house it’s placed in, you can better understand how to heal and overcome your painful past experiences.


Chiron is pronounced “kie-ron”. Chiron is an asteroid that was discovered in 1977, and it orbits the sun somewhere between Saturn and Uranus. 


Chiron can help you deal with your painful past experiences. As such, in Astrology, it is commonly known as the “wounded healer”. The placement of Chiron can help depict where you have the potential to overcome pain and suffering. Wherever Chiron lies tends to describe where we tend to be the most insecure, or where we experienced some trauma, pain, or sadness typically early on in life. 

The sign Chiron is in can tell you more about the nature of the wound and how it’s expressed, and the house Chiron is in can describe how the wound tends to show up in your life. For example, if you have Chiron in Libra in the second house of money and resources, you may have experienced some trauma around maintaining boundaries when it comes to your possessions and values. 

Overcoming this may require you to heal your relationship with money, or change the level of access people have to your time, possessions, or energy. While it’s not easy, healing your Chiron placement is the only way to overcome the pain you’ve experienced in that area of your life. 

While the trauma you experienced is not your fault, it, unfortunately, becomes our responsibility to overcome it—so that we can live the healthy, happy lives that we all deserve. While pain is inevitable in life, you don’t have to carry it with you forever.