What is a Full Moon Hangover and How to Deal with it?

You might be losing sleep when there is a full moon in the sky. This is might because of a full moon hangover. Yes, they exist. Symbolically, the moon is associated with our inner experience and intuition. And, physically, the moon is associated with our hormonal cycles. A full moon might magnify the energy and intentions you are already moving through.

What is a Full Moon Hangover?

The way that a full moon hangover looks for each of us is different. For some of us, it can affect our sleep patterns, which in turn alter hormone levels, leaving us feeling feel raw and drained.

If you are working through sadness or grief, the full moon can augment these feelings to the point of catharsis and resolve; or, if you are moving through a period of growth and expansion, the full moon may amplify this energy into a culmination. Either way, the moon’s soft light may shine some clarity on our more hidden caverns, those emotional realms you may not consciously choose to enter.

Tips for Dealing with a Full Moon Hangover

Though there is no “cure” for a full moon hangover, we can use this lunar phase for self-inquiry. Here is how we can make the most of the moon’s brimming wisdom during this phase:


Knowing the moon’s phase is the most easily observable and trackable way to befriend the night sky. Learn what sign the full moon will be in and work with that archetype for greater understanding of what might come up emotionally or energetically.

Notice and track how you feel during different lunar phases—not only the full moon phase. Tracking our cycles of sleep, energy, and feelings can enlighten us and prepare us for better self-care. If you have any control over your schedule, you can plan for these phases where you may lose sleep or have lower energy levels.


If you cannot sleep, don’t fight it. If you feel tired, rest. Embrace the cycle. Your body is in rhythm with nature; celebrate that your circadian rhythms are on point and use this time with the intention to see what the moon has dredged up for us from our depths to observe.

Frustration does not allow rest, so if you cannot sleep, put on a comfy robe and make a relaxing tea like passionflower, valerian, lavender or chamomile. Use the time you would be sleeping to meditate, journal, watercolour, or set intentions.


This lunar phase can shine a light on the shadowy parts; these feelings may not come fully understandable or verbalized. Any big catharsis, realization or transformation must be integrated into your everyday existence so that you do not become fragmented in your experience.

Instead, pull in your new gems of understanding with gratitude and put concerted effort toward being gentle to the body as we move through new and profound energetic changes.

Drink lots of water and broth. Eat nourishing, slow-cooked food. Rest as much as you can. Develop an embodied ritual during the full moon like body oiling, an herbal bath, or steam. 

Integration is a process that cannot be rushed. It is like getting over the flu, though you feel you are through the worst of it, your recovering body needs extra care before feeling totally robust again.