What happens with Ceres and Moon Conjunction

There is a strong concentration of emotional energy utilized to nourish and nurture when Ceres and the Moon are in conjunction. This can be done by focusing on topics like nutrition, exercise, and spiritual development.

This conjunction is ripe for unconditional affection because Ceres stands for the caregiver and the Moon for the soul’s emotional state. 

This component might also suggest a strong capacity for overcoming pain, loss, and betrayal. This is not to suggest that these things do not happen; rather, the soul can emerge from the burning ashes as something new.

This natal component can help you learn how to love purely and completely. You may be put in situations where you feel heartache or grief, only to encounter deeper forms of yourself who need your love, to learn this soul-level notion that can be challenging for us humans to understand. When you connect with and love different facets of yourself, you can then impart that love to others who are moved by your profundity and calming energy.

A great emotional depth that can both terrify and inspire others emerges with Ceres conjunct the Moon. You can enter the blazing pit of hell and emerge with a torch in hand, lighting the way for others.

Take care of yourself and pay close attention to your body’s signals.