What are the 5 Types of Spirit Guides?

Spirits are all around us, whether you can see them or feel them. They are the guiding hand that moves our Tarot cards when we need advice. It’s the symbols that constantly show up around us, from a repeating number to certain animals. This spiritual presence comes from our spirit guide.

Spirit Guides:

Spirit guides are non-physical entities that act as our guides and protectors to help us navigate this journey through life. They can show up in various forms: from a deceased loved one, to an angel, to even a beloved pet. There are 5 kinds of spirit guides.

Guardian Angels 

Guardian angels are a type of angel assigned to protect you throughout this life. If you’re walking down the street and a car almost hits you, you may say that your guardian angel pulled you out of harm’s way. 


Many cultures and spiritual practices believe that our ancestors often act as our spiritual guides, working to protect and guide us. Ancestors can range from a recently departed grandparent to a relative from multiple generations back. Our ancestors often try to help us succeed in this life and overcome major challenges. 

Spirit Animals 

In essence, a spirit animal is an animal guide here to help you, like the spirit of a beloved pet. It can also be an animal that shows up repeatedly in your life, like a sparrow. However, it’s important to be mindful of how you use this word. Remember, actual animals that have an important meaning to you are spirit animals, not celebrities. 

Symbolic Guides 

Guides don’t have to be angels or the spirit of someone you loved. Spirit guides can also be archetypical figures to help guide you through certain parts of your life. For example, if you’re working on your degree, your spirit guide could take the form of a scholar to help you reach your potential. 

Ascended Masters 

An ascended master is a being who has gone through all of their karmic lessons and has become the highest evolved spiritual being. They now use this wisdom to help others. Ascended Masters come from all types of religions, including Buddha, Jesus, and Kali, among others.