Virgo: Here’s you horoscope of the Year

Mercury, who rules all types of communication and speedy decision-making, is the master of information flow and the sign of Virgo. You are a changeable sign who is motivated by common sense (perhaps this year more than ever), and your incredible attention to detail and capacity to block out distractions can pave the way for success and contentment in the upcoming year.

Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year, from January 14 to February 3, from May 10 to June 3, and from September 9 to October 2; all three times it touches the earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and your own sign, respectively. You should be able to maintain a somewhat level head and rise above the typical turmoil and confusion that your ruler’s retrograde cycles may generate, even if Mercury retrograde times always try their best to induce confusion.

This year, obstinate earth sign Taurus is conjunct unpredictable Uranus, which means if you’re willing to be vulnerable and take more risks than normal, you could win big (in all parts of your life, but especially when it comes to romance and money). This isn’t your comfort zone because you’re a realistic earth sign, but occasionally you need to move outside of it to advance and learn.

When the sun spends its normal time in your sign from late August to late September, Vigo gets to celebrate your birthday, and you might truly appreciate taking a healthy cooking lesson to commemorate your big day.

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Alternately, set aside some time to think back on the previous year and make some goals for the one to come. Virgo, this month represents a very detailed and talkative phase of the year for you. You can focus on things like improving your listening skills or how to be heard in a room full of people who have strong opinions. This is the moment to make sure you voice your opinion if you have ever felt shut off, ignored, or tuned out.

You should have the opportunity to accomplish a little of both in 2022, whether your goal is to spice up your romantic life or simply enjoy more of the same success you’ve been experiencing. Neptune, the mystical planet of illusion and intuition, spends most of the year in the passionate sign of Pisces, which it dominates. So, if you’re a virgin single, it’s time to start acting on your urges and allow your subconscious to take control. For a logical earth sign like you, Virgo, this is not an easy request, but the universe assures you that the reward will be worthwhile. If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to meet the real-life counterpart of your ideal partner, such magic is now feasible.

The moon’s gentle feminine energy is beneficial to your love life, and the new moon at the beginning of February, when it is in amiable Aquarius, is the ideal moment for networking. During this lunation, it’s simple to meet new people and establish new relationships; even if they don’t work out romantically, you still get a lot by simply interacting with people you wouldn’t ordinarily do so.

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