VIRGO: Everything to know About your Star Sign!

Well if you are ruling the stars from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September you certainly are a Virgo. And in this article, we are going to dig down deep in order to make you more familiar with your Zodiac sign.

The Ruler Plant – Mercury:

Your stars are ruled by the planet Mercury which is considered to be the planet of consciousness as well as communication. This makes you aware of your surroundings which helps you take decisions in the existing. As well as upcoming decisions. As you tend to value the reasons more than emotions making you an excellent problem solver. Your ruling planet makes you more punctual towards your goals. As you want your days to be as productive as they can get!

What-Your-Zodiac-Sign-Says-About-Your-Style_Virgo Mythological Aspect:

Most of the Myths associated with your Zodiac are related to the Story of Persephone, the daughter of earth goddess Demeter.

The tale goes like – the planet earth once experienced a spring season that had no end. Thus all the living organisms bloomed to their fullest but this wasn’t for long as winter camera when Persephone was taken to the underworld by he’ll daddy Hades who wanted her to be his wife.

VIRGO Everything to know About your Star Sign

Due to this incident, Demeter turned the entire land barren and went to Zeus to appeal for her daughter who in turn appealed for Persephone from Hades. And that made a deal that she wasn’t allowed to put a piece of food in her mouth on the land of the living. And was given a pomegranate seed to Suck on by Hades due to which she had to return. Within a period of four months and this leads to the current change in weather!

Good Part in You:

Well, most of your characters make you a better-suited person who can sense the value that you can get either from a situation or a person as you see through people’s facades and sense the faults one has made. You also don’t tend to judge people rather, you love to see what’s one up to as you are always there to help people out in times of need. You are not occupied by things. Just for the sole purpose of achievement as you focus on what more can be made of that particular situation!


Not-so-Good Part in You:

Well, you are the one who always tends to seek for purpose and at times it can end up taking you to a dead end. As you love to appreciate people you often fail to praise your self-worth. You also try to look for other alternatives for a particular problem which might not always end up being a better option.

Know What Tarot Reading Says: 

The Hermit card represents Virgo in the Major Arcana. This card shows a figurine having a beard with a cloak on and holding a lantern at the top of a solitary mountain. That can be said to be the representation of a father figure holding the light of truth alongside consciousness.

The Sixth House:

The sixth house ruled by Virgo is service and survival which is often referred to as the house of health. This helps you to keep yourself in a fit shape as well as a boosted immunity game. As we all need the strength not only to be there for others at times of need but also to be there for yourself when you are low.

virgo star sign

The Suited Body:

When it comes to the body there are certain parts that you own that are better than others such as the abdomen, spleen as well as a strong digestive system. So never let go the trust your gut feelings as they are surely indicating the right path.


If you are solely looking for stars compatibility just go and look for a Gemini in the opposite sex. As they match your vibe as Zendaya who’s a Virgo vibe along great with a Gemini man Tom Holland.

Hope you got to know more about your star sign and if you share the same star sign as your friend. Don’t forget to share this article as well!

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