Virgo: Here are some Celebrities you didn’t know belonged to Virgo

If Virgo was rising in the Eastern sky when you were born, then that indicates that you were born with Virgo as your rising sign. Congrats! Mercury, the planet of thought, communication, and travel, is your ruling planet. Virgo risings typically start as restrained and subdued. They are quite perceptive. They are incredibly thoughtful and pay attention to the little details since they are constantly absorbing knowledge. Virgo is a rising sign that enjoys helping others and feeling useful, but watch out! It’s crucial that Virgo risings avoid becoming enmeshed in a cycle of self-sacrifice.

Virgo rising people have a method and a plan for everything, making them exceptional communicators and problem solvers.


Yes, The “Material Girl” has a Virgo rising herself! Because Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgo and has a Virgo rising, you’ll discover a lot of artists. Typically, the birth chart of singers and songwriters has a strong Mercury placement. Madonna was likewise born with both the moon and Mercury in the sign of Virgo.


Is there anything this Jay-Z can’t do? He’s a rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. It makes sense that he is a rising Virgo! Jay-Z is here to demonstrate that Virgos are generally incredibly adept at anything they set their minds to. Additionally, his wife, Beyoncé, is a well-known Virgo. His rising sign and her sun sign are in the same sign, which may indicate an instant connection.

Michael B. Jordan 

actor and general stud As a Virgo, Michael B. Jordan is ascending. It’s no surprise that Michael B. Jordan has been able to master his craft as an actor given his extraordinary talent. He has put a lot of effort into his hobby, and every character he creates is given careful consideration. Overachieving is also another characteristic of Virgo risings. It makes sense that Michael B. Jordan has received so many nominations for honours. Let’s face it, he deserves the praise!

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, a supermodel, was born with a Virgo rising even though Virgo isn’t the sign that’s traditionally linked to Venusian-like concepts, such as beauty and elegance. Additionally, she has Venus, the planet of beauty, directly over her Virgo rising sign in the sign of Virgo. This signature in her chart can attest to her attractiveness and physical beauty. She exudes Virgo energy because she is polished, refined, and ever so elegant.