Virgo and their horoscope for October 2022

For people born in Virgo, the month may be filled with highs and lows. Because Ketu is in your house of riches during this time and Rahu and the Moon will have a short-term aspect on the same house, there may be financial issues. Additionally, there can be difficulties in your relationship life. The presiding lord of marriage, Jupiter, will be in its own zodiac sign, thus married natives may have a good time. Due to Saturn’s retrograde position in your fifth house, the house of education, obstacles may arise in the sphere of education. However, locals may experience positive outcomes in terms of their careers and health.

October is expected to be a positive month for Virgo natives in terms of their professional lives. Mercury is currently transiting through your First house, which is the home of Karma, the ruling lord of your eleventh house. In addition to this, the first half of the month will see the development of Budhaditya Yoga due to the conjunction of Mercury and Sun in your Lagna. You might find fresh prospects in your work field as a result of the planets’ exact alignment. Those who intend to launch a new business may find the time to be beneficial.

Those who are natives and work in the government sector may also see success. In addition, the time frame may be advantageous for those who are in employment. Promotion is a possibility, and you might be effective in solving issues that are now plaguing the situation. However, in the second half of the month, Mercury and Venus will make a conjunction in your second house, the house of wealth. During this time, you might have to work harder than usual to accomplish your goals, but it will be worth it in the end.

Virgo natives’ financial lives may see ups and downs this month. Ketu will be in your second house, the house of riches, at this time.

In addition, around the 10th of this month, the Moon will transit through your ninth house with Rahu, creating Grahan Yoga. From there, both planets will be aspecting your second house. Your expenses could increase as a result of the placement of certain planets. There is a chance that your poor choice will result in losses for you. You are urged to carefully consider the benefits and disadvantages of any decision before making an investment.


Saturn, the lord of disease in your sixth house, will be in its own sign of Capricorn this month, giving you a better chance of experiencing good health. For Virgo natives, it is possible to imagine that October will be pretty nice in terms of health. Due to Saturn’s residence in Capricorn, its own zodiac sign and the ruling lord of your sixth house, the house of diseases, at this time, you may experience relief from persistent illnesses and a surge of energy. This month, the family’s seniors may be healthy together with you, which will likely keep you mentally content.

In terms of love and marriage, the month of October could be filled with a variety of events. Saturn, the governing lord of your fifth house, the house of love, will be in your zodiac sign in a retrograde position throughout this time, thus those under your sign who are in a relationship may experience success. However, there is always the possibility of a contentious disagreement. Be careful when speaking to your sweetheart in this situation and learn to control your wrath; else, small matters could turn ugly. Unless you personally confirm the information, you shouldn’t believe what you hear.

Virgo locals who are married may enjoy their time as Jupiter, the ruling lord of their seventh house, or Kalatra Bhava, will be placed in their seventh house in Pisces at the same time. You can decide to go on a pilgrimage together in order to build more trust and mutual understanding. This would keep you both mentally content and enable you to work together completely on any issue.

The month of October may be challenging for Virgo locals in terms of their family life. Ketu will be in your second residence, the home of the family, throughout this time. In addition, Moon and Rahu will form Grahan Yoga around October 10 after creating a conjunction in your ninth house, from which point it will be aspecting your family home. There is a potential that there will be misunderstandings in your family as a result of the planets’ exact placement. Family members may not comprehend one another or adjust as a result, and this may lead to differences. A minor problem could become ugly. A toxic atmosphere inside the family is conceivable.

In this regard, it is advised that you learn to manage your rage and make an effort to resolve the situation amicably and calmly. Before making any major decisions, family collaboration is also required; else, extra problems may come knocking. The transit of Mercury and Venus in this month’s second house, the home of the family, could, however, make things better.