Venus moving away from Scorpio into Sagittarius and how it affects Virgo and Libra

Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty, leaves the troubled sign of Scorpio on November 16 and remains in Sagittarius for the following three weeks. Venus has always appreciated a good celebration. At the lavish celebration Zeus threw for his brother Thetis’ wedding to the mortal Peleus, king of Phthia, she took a prominent position alongside the goddess of knowledge Athena and the host’s wife Hera. Then Eris, the goddess of conflict, arrived to the Olympian feast without being invited. Annoyed, she caused turmoil by tossing a golden apple with the inscription, “to the fairest among the three frenemies.” The altercation began at that point.

Venus’s simmering sensuality in Scorpio dissolves into the ultimate party girl shaped by the randy centaur’s influence in Sagittarius. Sagittarius, the lone sign with an arrow, grooves to disseminate information, set plans in motion, and locate the nearest bar or pub. Sagittarius, the planet of expansion, will go to any length to discover universal truths, whether touring the world, skulking through a library, or at the bottom of a beer stein. And with Venus in Sagittarius sitting near to the Vertex, the point of fate, destiny, and karma, it appears Venus is destined to party.

Venus affects on Virgo

Excessive spending may be an issue. You like to think of yourself as fundamentally practical, but just getting ready for the holidays may put your credit card to the test. To save money, you may try repurposing outdated products. Purchase some spray glitter to adorn outdated decorations. Alternatively, go old-school and make cookie, cranberry, and popcorn strings to hang on the tree. This type of old-fashioned sweetness is right up your alley.

Venus affects on Libra

You might meet your partner-in-crime in the next three weeks and get that “fated” vibe. But be careful not to fall in love too quickly, Libra. There may be aspects of this person that you are unaware of. Before you put on your dancing shoes, have Capricorn conduct a thorough background check.