Venus moving away from Scorpio

Most of us probably need a bright, effervescent break and a little bit of romantic adventure after such a hectic year, and that’s exactly what Venus has in store for us as it enters Sagittarius. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and even a link to wealth and abundance, feels especially at home in the auspicious sign of Sagittarius. Venus is not Sag’s governing planet, however despite this, these two planets have comparable personalities in that they both value luxury, adventure, and social interaction.

Venus prefers to be surrounded by beauty, but Sagittarius wants to travel the world and discover every nook and cranny. Venus helps us recognise the beauty in every event as it enters this sign. The amorous, adventurous energy that this transit introduces into our lives will be familiar to anyone born with a Venus in Sag placement. But adventure is the crucial word here.

While Venus was in Scorpio, we experienced a strong yearning for intensity and intimacy in our romantic relationships.

We now open a path for the passionate fire that blazes within Sagittarius since the waves of Scorpio have now calmed down. Fire, the element of impulsivity, action, and spontaneity, rules the sign of Sag. Sag is not a sign that seeks stability or a steady life; instead, they are adventurous and want to experience all of the world’s flavours. Thus, a strong spiritual and soulful connection must be made in order for Sagittarius to calm down.

Venus seeks a certain level of independence and freedom when it is in the sign of Sag. There’s a reason the archer and centaur of the zodiac are symbols for Sagittarius; the centaur roams freely and sets its sights on any goals or dreams that come across its bow and arrow. Sagittarius doesn’t want their greatest wants to be suppressed for the sake of a romantic relationship.

And once Sagittarius finds that person they share that spiritual, profound connection with, it’s crucial that both partners endeavour to keep the union exciting and adventurous in order to prevent Sagittarius from growing bored and opting to move on to pastures new. This isn’t to suggest that Sag is intrinsically against monogamous partnerships as a sign, but that the relationships Sag is open to entering need to be very unique in order to last.

This will be the finest time of the year to create more memories with your significant other if you’re already together. And if you’re single, now is the time to enjoy the prospect of dating! Start bringing about the partnership of your dreams. It’s also a great time to enjoy being single and embrace the independence and freedom that Sagittarius values so highly. This transit isn’t just about romance because Venus and Sagittarius both have associations with abundance. With spacious Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sag, and luxury Venus working together to bestow blessings on us, this is also a fantastic time for manifestation.