Venus moving to Sagittarius and how it will affect our Zodiac

Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty, leaves the troubled sign of Scorpio on November 16 and remains in Sagittarius for the following three weeks. Venus has always appreciated a good celebration. At the lavish celebration Zeus threw for his brother Thetis’ wedding to the mortal Peleus, king of Phthia, she took a prominent position alongside the goddess of knowledge Athena and the host’s wife Hera. Then Eris, the goddess of conflict, arrived to the Olympian feast without being invited. Annoyed, she caused turmoil by tossing a golden apple with the inscription, “to the fairest among the three frenemies.” The altercation began at that point.

Venus’s scorching sensuality dissolves into the ultimate party girl under the shrewd centaur’s guiding hand in Sagittarius. The only sign in the zodiac with an arrow, Sagittarius enjoys communicating information, initiating plans, and finding the closest bar or pub. Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will go to any lengths—including circumnavigating the globe, skulking through a library, or digging to the bottom of a beer stein—to discover universal truths. Venus in Sagittarius appears to be destined to party since it is conjunct the Vertex, the point of fate, destiny, and karma. Will she, too? Venus is in Sagittarius, so you never know, but one thing is for sure: it’s going to be entertaining!

Venus affect of Virgo

Money surpluses could be a problem. Although you like to think of yourself as fundamentally practical, just getting ready for the holidays may put a strain on your credit. To save money, you might consider giving used goods a new coat of paint. Purchase some spray glitter to transform worn-out décor. Alternatively, adorn the tree the old-fashioned way by making cookie, cranberry, and popcorn strings. This kind of vintage sweetness will suit you.

Venus affect of Libra

Over the next three weeks, you might meet your crime-partner and have a certain sense of “fate.” But be careful, Libra, not to dive headfirst into romance. You might not be aware of some aspects of this person. Before you put on your dance shoes, have Capricorn conduct a complete background investigation.


Venus affect of Scoprio

You are completely surprised by a new love interest. This person gives you the impression that you have known them for a very long time or for ever. If this is your present partner, that’s great. Scorpios always feel more secure in a trusted connection. But if you don’t want to grow your family, use birth control twice as much.

Venus affect of Pisces

There appears to be during this Venus in Sagittarius period. Your gaze is drawn to two larger-than-life, romantic lovers. They might even be two different former acquaintances of yours. Unless you want them to become acquainted, carefully plan your playtime to avoid overlap. Your choice of pyrotechnics will determine how they are lit, Pisces.