The Astrological link between NBA Players & Zodiac Signs!

With the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA finals, have you ever wondered if there is a link between Astrology and NBA? Being a professional basketballer takes years of practice, hard work and dedication. But, maybe, there is more to it. Maybe, Astrology has a say in it.

NBA x Astrology:

We looked into the current 2021-22 roster of players from and found that Virgo represented the biggest share of players this season. Virgo was the most over-represented sign in the NBA, holding 11.6% of players. This is followed by Gemini which holds 9.4% of players, and Pisces with 8.9%.

Virgo can be characterised as hardworking individuals, and sometimes even overworking. This bodes well for this in a professional league as they work tirelessly to achieve their results. This is evident from the data that Virgo is the highest-scoring sign, followed by Pisces in 2nd place. Moreover, these 2 signs also have the highest number of assists per game on average.

Defensively, Pisces is seen to take the cake, with the highest number of rebounds, steals and blocks per game on average. People born in Pisces are known for being highly intuitive, which could help make them ideal defensive basketball players, perhaps sensing the best time to go for a steal.

Hence, while we agree that performing in the NBA requires hard work and dedication, being born under certain star signs could indicate an individual’s personality and portray their likelihood of excelling in that field.