Tennis Ace Serena Willians’ Birth Chart: Zodiac Relation of Being GOAT!

When it comes to women’s tennis there’s a name that we surely can’t afford to miss the one and only Serena Williams, we dug down deep her birth chart in order to find how the stars boosted her skills in order to take her to the position she’s now at, don’t miss out on this one just keep scrolling below.

Serena Willians’ Birth Date:

Serena Williams came to this planet on the 26th of September in the year 1981. This provides her with a Libra Sun alongside a Virgo Moon and as per her zodiac goes she comes under the mighty bull Taurus.

As per the list on element goes she’s composed of Air alongside Earth which surely indicates that she’s not only got the wits but she’s also got the dedication towards achieving goals.

Serena Willians’ Birth Chart:

Well she’s certainly got a distinct birth chart as her natal sixth house has a ton of planet traffic. This house has its connections towards employment. Alongside fitness which makes a good work life balance.

She’s got her Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Pluto as well as Mercury laid in the sixth house. And each of these point towards a distinct character of her.

Sun and moon showcases her teachings she received from her parents to shine bright like a diamond.

Saturn aids her in walking past all the obstacles standing between her. And her dreams as she’s always ready to give it all.

Jupiter accompanies a bit of luck that’s needed occasionally by her.

Pluto provides her the courage to look past her suffering and turn them into a motivation for the long run.

Last but not the least Mercury provides her with the wit that she needs in order to strategies and plan her life and certainly her game as well!

How’s the Upcoming Days Going to Turn Out?

She’s been certainly outperforming almost everyone as she’s is surely in great touch. Since 2k19 she’s had a ton of planet chilling around her Midheaven. And not only that Jupiter’s combination alongside Saturn at the end of 2k20 indicates that she’s gonna have a long lasting legacy. And this energy is boosted by Pluto’s present.

From 2022 to 2024 she’s going to achieve new heights in all aspects of her life. She’s also undergoing an eclipse which surely is going to shift the lanes of her life as this started during 2021. And will last till 2023 but the good part is she’s going to turn out to be even more stunning after this. Let’s hope that she receives all good fortunes by her side in the upcoming days.

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