Tarot Spread for Clarity

Tarot cards are the perfect tool to use to access your intuition. Whether you need a quick Yes/No answer or are struggling to understand a situation in your life that’s causing confusion, using the Tarot and various tarot spreads can offer clarity. Here is a Tarot spread to try when you’re feeling unsure and need more clarity and guidance.

Tarot Spread for Clarity:

Card 1 is pulled to describe the situation; Card 2 is pulled to give you insight on a blockage or obstacle you can’t see or aren’t aware of–something that is adding to your lack of clarity; Card 3 is pulled as either the final outcome or advice on what, if anything, you should do.

Card 1: The Situation

The first card you pull will shed insight into your current state: How are you feeling? How are you interpreting the situation? It can also be descriptive of the situation itself. For example, let’s say you ask a question about love, perhaps the Two of Cups or Three of Swords shows up in this place. It will offer guidance based on the reality of the situation at hand, and may also describe a bit about your role in the situation, as well.

Card 2: The Blockage

The second card in the spread will reveal clues to things that are hidden from you–what are you not seeing or not willing to see or understand about the situation? Are there particular obstacles in the way that you’re unaware of? This card can reveal some external factors that may not be super obvious on the surface.

Card 3: Outcome

The final card in the spread will share wisdom on the future of the situation. What is the most likely outcome if you continue on your course as is? If the card is action-oriented, it can also offer insight into steps you can take or possible advice to consider.