Tarot Cards: 4 Scary looking Cards which are actually Positive

Even while reading the Tarot can be a fascinating and illuminating experience, you already know that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. When they emerge in a spread, tarot cards like The Tower or Death frequently cause us to pause and stare. Darker or “horror” Tarot cards can occasionally be so terrifying that they prevent us from reading cards at all or deter people from requesting a reading. At the end of the day, Tarot is supposed to enlighten rather than to frighten.

This means that even some of the Tarot cards that are perceived as the scariest may actually have a positive spin or a bubble of wisdom at the darkest of times. After all, “good vs bad” isn’t always a clear-cut distinction in life.

1. The Tower

Due to its association with the annihilation of everything we know, The Tower is frequently a frightening Tarot card. Relationships end, careers end, and possibly even our sense of self and identity are turned upside down. Change is undoubtedly a scary thing, especially when it includes the total breakdown of the familiar.

Even while you detest the prospect of losing what you know, this isn’t necessarily a bad omen. Tower moments, in the end, are frequently required and merely make room for something fresh and better suited for you.

2. 4 Of Swords

Most Tarot novices find this card to be frightening since it frequently depicts a person who appears to be laying in their death.

But those who are versed with card interpretation will understand that the 4 of Swords is a card of rest, not death! When we need to rest and recharge, this enigmatic card frequently appears, especially if we have been working too hard or have just completed a difficult road or journey.


3. Death

At first sight, Death is a card that should be obviously unsettling, but like The Tower, it is just there to assist.

The kind of death represented by this “horror” Tarot card is more of an interior metamorphosis than a literal or physical demise. Death leads us more clearly from point A to point B than The Tower, which removes the excess of what we no longer need and creates a space.

We seek Death when we need something different, and Death frequently provides by bringing us closer to the aspirations and objectives of our true soul.

4. 5 Of Cups

This ominous Tarot card unquestionably highlights disappointment, misery, and loss in your life, one that stings emotionally because of the Cups suit. The good connotation of the card is innate to everything the 5 of Cups stands for, though.

The person in the Five of Cups looks sadly at the cups that have been spilt, oblivious of the two full cups that are directly behind them.

In the end, it serves as a reminder that once you finish mending, there is actually a lot of goodness and beauty waiting for you.