Square Aspect in Astrology: Explained!

A Square (90 degrees) is a major aspect in astrology that causes intensity and obstacles. It is a harsh aspect in astrology between two zodiac signs that are 90 degrees apart. It shows us where we will need to put a little effort into a situation, circumstance, or area of life to be able to fully understand it.

Natal Chart

When you see this aspect in your birth chart, it points to a particular trait that you will have to work with throughout your lifetime. It’s a lifelong lesson of balance between two opposing forces. 


In a transit, a square’s energy is similar. It’s just not as subconsciously embedded, it is more of a passing obstacle or opportunity.

Square Zodiac Signs

Here is a quick guide to what each zodiac sign is naturally squared to:

ARIES: Cancer and Capricorn

TAURUS: Leo and Aquarius

GEMINI: Virgo and Pisces

CANCER: Libra and Aries

LEO: Scorpio and Taurus

VIRGO: Sagittarius and Gemini

LIBRA: Capricorn and Cancer

SCORPIO: Aquarius and Leo

SAGITTARIUS: Pisces and Gemini

CAPRICORN: Aries and Libra

AQUARIUS: Taurus and Scorpio

PISCES: Gemini and Sagittarius

T-Square Meaning

A t-square aspect appears when two planets are making an opposition to one another (180 degrees), and a third planet makes a square to both of them. It ends up looking like a lopsided triangle in a chart.  It looks like a supercharged square with some outside influence provoking the energy more. But similar to a regular square, a t-square presents an opportunity to make adjustments.