Shadow Work: Meaning, Benefits and Process Explained!

Shadow work is known to be dangerous and only for the skilled and brave. Everyone has a dark side, self-defeating behaviours and ticks, and shadow work is the process in which we explore those aspects of ourselves and embrace them to transform that energy. Working with our shadow side means diving into the depths of our unconscious and acknowledging parts of us that we’d rather hide or repress.

Shadow Work:

Astrologists believe shadow work is at best an alchemical process, working to transform your hidden shame and sorrow into healthy pride and joy.  By interacting with these themes and patterns, we develop a stronger understanding of their origin, and through that process, they can lose their hold and power over us.

It’s your opportunity to choose expansion no matter your origin story. To heal wounds, that are inflicted and inherited. Engaging in this type of work isn’t easy and the path is full of discomfort. When you commit to exploring your shadow, you are also committing to choosing yourself as well as your future and claiming your innate worth and personal power.


The benefits of exposing your shadow sides and behaviours generally outweigh any risks. This is an opportunity to take back the steering wheel and take charge of your life. You are not bound by past versions of yourself or experiences you may have had, you get to be in control of your life and pursue your heart’s wildest desires.

How to start?

A simple way to start shadow work is by listing out things that feed your soul vs. people, things, and places that leave you feeling exhausted. Once you’ve got the list down, ask yourself what you can do to find the reason behind the things that feed your soul and that leave you feeling exhausted.