This September focus on Transforming the most important Relationships

September is always a month of transition because it has Virgo energy. Being the sole changeable earth sign, Virgo has a calming, grounded energy that can help us finalise our lives in preparation for the coming season. The chance to take a breather after a hectic August and Leo season is more than welcome.

The imminent backspin of Mercury, which will influence the astrology of the entire month, causes September to have the greatest retrogrades. Nine planetary bodies will be moving backwards after Mercury enters its retrograde phase. The mood will be more than reflective because retrograde planets can cause profound reflection to result in life-changing “aha” moments. Although the breakthroughs will affect many areas of our lives, the personal work we have in store for ourselves in the coming month will still centre on relationships.

The astrology year 2022 has relationships as one of its major themes because the year began with Venus retrograde and will end with Mars retrograde. The mythical cosmic lovers Venus and Mars are in opposition to one another in the sky in September’s astrology, which reflects this topic.

Despite the fact that their actual collision won’t happen until September 16, they will be in the squaring signs (Virgo and Gemini) from September 4, when Venus enters Virgo.

Venus is opposed Mars can improve sex desire by fostering healthy rivalry and conflict between partners. This conflict might rekindle the flame in a relationship that has grown a touch stale. However, it may disclose repressed sexual resentment that has been building up for a while in partnerships that are already having trouble. It will need a lot of awareness to handle this aspect when speaking romantically with someone. Mercury rules both the Virgo and the Gemini signs, which are both very intellectual energies.


The cosmic messenger will start its retrograde in another air sign, thus it will obviously matter that the cosmic lovers will both be in areas of the sky ruled by Mercury. On September 9, Mercury enters Libra, the dual sign of equilibrium and relationships, and starts to go backward. In this situation, it can be useful to reflect on the themes that emerged for us around this time last year. There may be a return of the same themes between September 9 and September 23, and from October 10 to October 28 because Mercury will likewise go retrograde in Libra in the fall of 2021.

This retrograde is distinct because Mercury will also go through Virgo, its exaltation, from September 23 to October 2. Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo takes on an entirely different perspective and focuses on a thorough mental purification. Mercury is more at ease in the sign of Virgo, so its entry there, even though it is retrograde, may have a more beneficial effect than initially anticipated.

All of the outer planets have links to this lunation when examining the astrological aspects that were formed. This moon will form a conjunction with Neptune, the current ruler of Pisces, as well as two sextiles with Uranus and Pluto. Around this time, major news that will impact society as a whole (most likely regarding water) could break. Personal obligations from the past may be dissolved when this moon approaches fullness while crammed in between Neptune and the asteroid Juno.