September Career Advice for Virgo, Scorpio, Libra, and Pisces

Virgo, this is *not* the moment to be unsure of your abilities. Now is the time to push yourself so far outside of your comfort zone that it feels like an illusion. In more ways than you can understand, your capacity to defy your own rules and adapt as you go can enable growth. As a result, you can also experience an increase in your empathy. So, if you’re being called to play the healer or mentor, step into that role. Nevertheless, maintain your boundaries so you may hold space for people without taking on their issues.

These kinds of chances don’t come along very often, Scorpio. We’ll say it again: chances like these don’t come up very often. Put on your brightest lipstick and your shinest suit. Your ability to leave a lasting impression in the boardroom will depend on how well you remember your strength and potential. Oh, and something else! When introducing fresh ideas, let go of the desire to be cautious. You will have an advantage over others due to your talent for fusing disparate ideas. Power relations in the workplace could be problematic. Some of you might even come into conflict with a higher authority. Beautiful, tread lightly. You’ll be able to solve problems if you can learn to respond rather than react.

Virgo and Scorpio Don’t miss this Opportunity 


Chaos is a given when Mercury is in retrograde. You can discover that there are always problems with communication and that no one can seem to agree on anything. The saying “Not my circus, not my monkeys” will come in handy when you need to set boundaries. Some of you might be feeling unsatisfied with the compensation you are getting right now. It’s crucial to stand up and express your demands and desires. You can take issues into your own hands, Pisces, if you keep in mind your strength and potential.

While everything appears to be going well on the surface, there is a persistent disappointment in general. We understand, Libra. Even if life is already difficult, your coworkers are only making it worse. In situations like these, it’s critical to keep in mind that you don’t have to get along with everyone you come into contact with, especially because your coworkers aren’t necessarily your pals. You might disappoint a few people in the process of trying to do what’s best for you, and that’s okay. Be thankful for those who are leaving your life voluntarily since they weren’t meant to be a part of your lofty goals.