Scorpion Season 2022: Know Everything on Finance, Fashion & Fitness Trends!

The Scorpio Season is here and it accompanies a ton of changes. It’s going to stick around from the 23rd of October to the 21st of November. Keep scrolling this article below in order to check what changes you can make in life to become a better version of yourself.

Scorpion Season 2022 Know Everything on Finance, travel, Fashion & Fitness Trends Fashion

As nature indicates the change in season with the trees letting go of their leaves and getting a bit dark on the color spectrum. We can also have the dark shade within our clothes to achieve a good aesthetic look.


With all the intimacy and passion in the air around us we can surely add some of Ed Sheeran’s magic to spice up the vibes.


One of the best exercises for the season is Bodyweight squat which will aid you to achieve a great core strength alongside stability.

Hair Trends for Women’s

Well this can be the right time if you are looking for some new transformations. Well what about dying your hair? If you’re having this thought within your head go for the ‘Tiger Orange’ color to go with the autumn vibes.

Hair Trends for Men

The idea of transformation goes along in your case as well. If you’ve been into short hairs try looking for hairstyles with longer hairs and vice versa, similar scenario goes with your facial hair as well unless you are into no shave Novembers.

Scorpio-Horoscope 2022

Beauty and Makeup

The similar dark aesthetic will suit your facial makeup such as some smokey shades on the eye alongside a red lipstick!


Sometimes change accompanies some loss so just try to bear with it as things will get sweet and so will your life.

A special advice for the ones who are into trading either cryptos, stocks, NFTs whatever suits your palate. We know that you’re quite uncertain with your investment ideas. But don’t miss out as this probably is the most apt time.


The Scorpio will have a gain when surrounded by some water. So don’t miss the chance to go have fun on the beaches or the clubs around it. As the cold weather takes aways the crowd so you surely can have some good times.


So traveling is always fun, we can’t deny that but do you have a destination in mind? If yes then try to look for a place that will quench your thirst for life. If you aren’t still sure where to go try to have a  visit to the world’s second largest waterfall system the Iguazu falls located on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Prague. It’s quite a worthy experience.

Social Impact

Surely some push and pull will accompany your relations. So, try to reevaluate your relations or better start some new ones till your heart says “yes we can stay”.

Not only that ‘Encircle’ is this month’s star as this is a nonprofit that helps the children. Youngsters of the LGBTQ community have a better life. So, try to approach as a philanthropist to aid this cause.


If you haven’t yet try to take some time off to watch ‘Dirty Harry’ released in the year 1971. Surely a great classic worth your time.

Scorpion Season 2022 Know Everything on Finance, Fashion & Fitness Trends

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