Scorpio: Here is what 2022 has in store for you

Few other signs can match the emotional intensity with which you approach life, Scorpio. As a fixed water sign, you are less adaptable than changeable and cardinal signs, but that same steadfastness and commitment to your ideas contribute to what gives you the alluring mystique that others are drawn to.

We can look to Mars, your potent co-ruler, which begins the year in fiery Sagittarius, to help us understand some of your conduct. With this powerful combination, you’re more likely to break out of your shell and embark on activities you might not have thought about. From the end of May to the beginning of July, when the planet is in Aries, the other sign it governs, you are more impulsive and prepared to take the lead. Mars doesn’t travel through your sign this year, but during its retrograde period from the end of October through the end of the year (when in witty Gemini), it provides you the chance to think back on the past and learn from your mistakes.

Your second co-ruler Pluto, who spends the entire year in Capricorn and goes retrograde for nearly five months starting in late April, opens up even more incredible chances for change. You have the opportunity to go deeply into your subconscious during Pluto’s retrograde and unearth some extremely private mysteries. This is the time, Scorpio, to get to know oneself better.

As usual, the sun shines a light on your best abilities and character qualities from late October to late November while it is in your sign. You have an irresistible attraction that draws people to you in large numbers right now. But you’re still as private as ever, and you only invite those who have repeatedly earned your trust to share your birthday with you.

Scorpio, a highly emotional water sign, is not a lover who takes things lightly.



You want to be with someone in every way while you’re with them, and when you’re in love with someone (regardless of whether the emotion is mutual), your sentiments might occasionally border on being obsessive.

You certainly don’t mind being single as a strong-willed, independent sign. In reality, you can flourish on your own and even prefer it to being in a partnership in the right situations. You rarely get into a relationship because you are an introvert and don’t mind being by yourself. Even if you do discover that special someone this year, you might not want to totally commit until you are certain that your life with them will be as fulfilling as your (quite excellent) life is now.

From the middle of January until the beginning of March, the poetic asteroid Sappho aligns with the fire sign Aries, which causes you to act without thinking frequently and reject romantic thoughts and ideas in favor of more physical activities. During this period, Scorpio, you’re more likely to respond to instinctual urges than logical thinking, which can significantly alter your approach to dating.

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