Scorpio Season and the five important Crystals

Our lives are about to become more intricate, mysterious, in-depth, spiritual, passionate, and even gloomy because it is Scorpio season. Rich, powerful, and slightly abrasive characterise Scorpio energy. While many of us may feel individually prepared and capable of handling the emotions that might surface during the Scorpio season, such as jealousy, secrecy, and envy, many more of us may require outside energies’ support in order to keep our heads above the engulfing Scorpio waters.

Obsidian is a crystal that resonates with Scorpio’s intensity, but with a unique quality: it is renowned for its capacity to purify the psychic field. Every now and then, we all require a psychic cleaning, and this stone is ideal for that application. Every person we come into contact with leaves part of their energy near our aura, and occasionally our own negative energy might linger there for far longer than we’d like. Use an obsidian piece during meditation if you feel that your psychic energy needs to be cleansed.

Obsidian can assist in highlighting your personality’s more sinister sides. It serves as a reminder that we are all made up of both good and bad, light and dark. Understanding all aspects of who you are can be really beneficial, even though both sides are required. Amethyst may heal emotional wounds, assist with addiction tendencies, and boost spiritual energy, making it an excellent stone to work with during the Scorpio season.

During this time of year, Scorpio’s urge to delve deeper may cause you to discover old hurts and irritants. Amethyst can aid with your emotional adjustment. Amethyst can be of great assistance if you need assistance controlling your emotions as you go through past difficulties that require healing.

Additionally, these emotions may push us to turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to numb them. Even if it can seem like a glass of wine won’t hurt, it’s crucial to deal with our emotional scars head-on and to avoid using alcohol or other drugs to dull the pain. The capacity of amethyst to decrease addictive behaviours has long been recognised.

Scorpio energy is shrouded in mystery and opacity. It’s possible that you will never feel as though you completely know a Scorpio because of the sign’s tendency to keep certain things secret.

No one is obligated to reveal every aspect of themselves to anyone, yet it’s still vital that we learn to be vulnerable and let others in. When the energy of the Scorpio sign is strong, you could have a tendency to hold your emotions in rather than letting them out. But no matter what you do, the suppressed feelings will inevitably come to the surface. Aquamarine is the perfect stone to assist you with pressing the release button. It’s crucial to learn to let some of that out with people you trust early on. A metaphysical stone with ties to the spiritual world is malachite. When practising meditation or other forms of introspective work, this crystal is extremely beneficial. Malachite promotes stability and equilibrium and lessens the intensity of some emotions.


Malachite is a sensuous stone that resonates with Scorpio’s passionate nature. It is related to the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and promotes blood flow to the genital organs. Pluto, the planet of transformation and ruler of the sign of Scorpio, is connected to this gem. Pluto pushes us to ponder abstract, more metaphysical ideas and to take an interest in the hidden world all around us. It encourages internal change and fosters the growth of our spiritual, inquiring character.

The ethereal, enchanting qualities of Scorpio are well captured by labradorite. Labradorite, also referred to as the Stone of Magic, amplifies the energy of wonder and the paranormal. Labradorite is the ideal entryway into these uncharted areas because Scorpio is known for its curiosity and propensity to explore secret places.