October New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: What to Expect?

The first new moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio in many years will occur on October 25. Now that we are in the eclipse season, it is imperative that we take action. New Moons, which happen when the Sun and Moon line up in the zodiac, coincide with solar eclipses. Solar eclipses can launch us into a completely new stage of life since they are exuberant, energising, and ideal for fresh beginnings. On May 16, 2022, we experienced a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, but Full Moon Lunar Eclipses have a radically distinct vibe. They are more sombre, emotional, and considerably darker and complex when coupled with Scorpio.

anything involving money and people that involves transactions (say, paying off loans, dealing with taxes, planning your will, getting a mortgage, getting a scholarship, or merging your finances with a new partner or roommate). Anything that benefits both parties (thus this is excellent for new business initiatives where you’ll have a partner or are directly employed by someone, as well as new financial and business arrangements).

Pluto is the planet of metamorphosis and the natural ruler of Scorpio, so anything where you’re giving new life to something stale, uninteresting, old, or half-dead might be a terrific time for recovering from failure or defeat. Scorpio is the sign of sex, therefore many people may meet new partners or further explore their sexuality to spice things up!

It may be a good time to investigate topics like death, rebirth, the occult, and mysticism at this time. Scorpio is the darkest sign in the zodiac, yet it doesn’t feel like that has any bad connotations. Anything involving “dark” emotions (consider anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, retaliation, contempt, self-loathing, and beyond emotion, violence; we all deal with at least one of these, and it’s important to be honest with ourselves, get to the root of where it comes from, and work to transform this into something positive).


However, in a far more positive sense, some of the themes that surfaced in our lives surrounding that eclipse may also be in focus right now. We can improve our initiative, willingness to take risks, and receptivity to potential answers. Due to Venus’s alignment with this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, it receives an additional boost of uplifting energy. Venus makes an effort to assist and lessen our burdens.

As a result of Venus, this eclipse also provides favourable energy for partnerships, commitment, and relationships. This might bring us closer together and delight us. To begin with, Saturn just completed its retrograde motion on October 23 in Aquarius as we approach this eclipse. As a result, we may feel less constrained, overburdened, and less unable to seek opportunities.

Jupiter is retrograde and at the 0 Degrees Aries Point, a highly delicate degree, at the time of the eclipse. Although there is a tremendous amount of energy for action now, because Jupiter is retrograde, it could be a little ruffled. However, it may also be quite “fated.” Many destined events may seem to be taking place in each of our lives, in the world at large, and all around us. Five days after the eclipse, on October 30th in Gemini, Mars retrograde begins. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and the natural ruling planet of Aries, which adds extra fate to Jupiter’s orbit.