Scorpio horoscope for October 2022

Those who do business associated with the government sector may be successful in signing a government contract. In the latter half of the month, Sun, Mercury, and Venus will transit in your twelfth house, the house of expenses, as a result, natives may have overseas benefits. This period is encouraging for those associated with import-export business, stock market, etc. Also, those planning to start a new business may benefit in this duration.

There may be a positive atmosphere in the household. If there is a friendly understanding between partners, then there may be an increase in mutual trust. The same time, this month is probably going to be a good one for your marriage. You might, however, run into some financial difficulties. Let’s read extensively to prepare for the events of our lives in terms of our careers, health, relationships, families, etc.

The month of October may be beneficial for you in terms of your work. Sun, the lord of your tenth house, the house of Karma, will spend the first part of the month conjunct Venus and Mercury in your eleventh house, the house of costs. As a result, there is a good chance that your income will increase. In your home of income, the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will create Budhaditya Yoga, an auspicious yoga according to astrology. In this situation, locals can suddenly receive funds from any source in addition to pay increases at this time.

Those who conduct business in the public sector might be successful in obtaining a government contract. Sun, Mercury, and Venus will transit in your twelfth house, the house of costs, in the second part of the month. As a result, locals may receive rewards from abroad. For individuals involved in the stock market, import-export industry, etc., this time is optimistic. Additionally, people who intend to launch a new business may profit during this time.

Scorpio residents might expect a mixed bag of fortune in October. There is a chance that your income may increase this month because Jupiter, the planet that rules your second house, the house of money, will be in your fifth house in its own zodiac sign. Because Ketu will be in your twelfth house, the house of costs, at this time, your expenses could increase.

In such a situation, it is advised that you strive to preserve money and avoid making unnecessary purchases since otherwise, things might not work out for you. There is a good chance that your income will increase during the first half of the month because the Sun and Mercury will be in the house of income and create the Budhaditya Yoga. You could experience a number of challenges saving money as a result of an increase in spending. For people working for a firm or connected to a foreign enterprise, this time period is probably favourable. Additionally, anyone involved in the garment, toy, entertainment, etc. industries may also profit financially.

For Scorpio locals, the month could be troublesome in terms of their health. Around the 10th of this month, Moon and Rahu will transit in your sixth house, the house of diseases.

This will cause the formation of Grahan Yoga, which may cause you to have some health-related issues. It is advised that you get medical attention as soon as you become aware of any ailment since if you don’t, things could get worse. Due to Rahu’s placement in your sixth house this month, you could experience a few minor health issues. Joint pains, headaches, and other issues may be some of the ones that trouble you the most during this time.

Depression is a possibility, thus it is advised that you maintain your optimism and never let your self-assurance waver. Avoid fried, spicy, and roasted foods during this time to prevent indigestion issues.

Jupiter, the ruler of your fifth house—the house of love—will remain in Pisces for the entire month of October. In addition, throughout the first part of the month, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury will all be in your eleventh house, which is the house of finances, with an aspect on your fifth house. The inhabitants of this zodiac sign will therefore have a happy love life. You can be observed spending time with your significant other. There may be an improvement in your relationship and a growth in your shared trust. There’s a chance that both of you will have plans to go out.

The house of expenditures, where Ketu will be located, will also have transits by the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the second half of the month. For lovers, this time period is likely to be difficult. You can feel upset if arguments break out about something. Married people may have harmony in their marriages during the first half of the month because Mars will be in their seventh house, or Kalatra Bhava. Additionally, love and affection may develop, and you may decide to provide your life partner your undivided support and aid in every situation.

October is probably going to be a fantastic month for Scorpio locals in terms of their families. You may count on your family’s full support and cooperation at this time since Jupiter, the ruling lord of your second house, the home of your family, will remain in your fifth house, the house of love, education, children, etc. Your family home will be under the influence of Mars, the ruling lord of your first house. Any important occasion may be planned in your household this month as a result. Your younger siblings can offer their full support, and you can succeed in preserving good relations within your family.