Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, Virgo: Who has the meanest personalities

Astrology is a great instrument for exploring our sense of ourselves, the inner workings of our personalities, and our relationship to the Universe. Because of this, we can use it to comprehend current affairs or some fundamental facets of our best abilities and traits. We all know that each sign of the zodiac is typically ascribed a set of features and attributes.

There are undoubtedly some associated with each sign who are prone to certain negative habits or unsavoury behaviour. You may have heard that Leos are all “self-centered” or that Geminis are “two-faced.” These traits are not always true, and your personality is not entirely determined by your zodiac sign. It can, however, reveal to you what your potential tendencies may be when you’re sad, angry, or generally in a “shadowy” state. The ability to recognise oneself is also crucial.


Due to their more introspective nature, mysterious Scorpio can develop a reputation for being cruel. Although Scorpio is not the only sign ruled by the planet of passion and battle, Mars, because of its Water elemental character, can make its rage seem especially repulsive. Even though you, as a Scorpio, are not trying to hurt anyone, others may mistake your guarded yet passionate Mars appearance for malice.



A perfectionist in every way, Virgo is meticulous and focused on the details. Although Virgos don’t always feel the need to be cruel, they do insist on a job well done. This occasionally results in judgmental behaviours or nitpicky remarks, and let’s face it: those remarks can cause more harm than good.


Being known for their romantic and intuitive spirit, sweet and sensitive Pisces have a strong sense of caring for individuals to whom they attach their devotion. However, Pisces, which is ruled by the enigmatic and elusive Neptune, has the ability to also have a shrewd and clever side. Holding the combination of mysticism and the real world can occasionally cause the fish to blur the lines in their favour, sometimes at the detriment of others. They are sometimes renowned for their white lies or half-truths.


Libra is the sign that avoids conflict the most frequently among the zodiac signs. Libra is a diplomatic and charismatic sign that likes to mediate over spark conflict. Even though it can sometimes be more detrimental than beneficial to try to diffuse conflicts between others, Libra is not one to start a contentious argument without a valid point to make.