Scorpio and the Love which can blossom in 2022

Your native planet, the aggressive, self-assured Mars, gives you a lot of your distinctive self-assurance. At the beginning of the year, when Mars transits the adventurous fire sign of Sagittarius, you’re inspired to venture out into the world and seek out new experiences that will deepen your sense of self. When it comes to most aspects of your life, Scorpio, you approach things more impulsively than your fixed, introverted sign typically permits.


Since ambitious, goal-oriented Capricorn is where transformative Pluto spends the entire year traveling while co-ruling your sign, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to keep working toward your objectives.scorpio


As Scorpio, Don’t let opportunities to grow to pass you by because one of the blessings of this transit will be the opportunity to grow personally. 


It will be crucial to have patience with yourself from late April to early October this year when Pluto is in retrograde motion. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t pick up all the teachings you need to promptly. Take advantage of this moment to learn more and unite your head and heart.


When the sun moves through your seductive sign from late October to late November, you may fully showcase your talents and celebrate your solar return. Most likely, those who already know you thought you were good, though perhaps not this good! To confuse them, spend your birthday engaging in a mystery activity. One of your favorite pastimes this year (and usually) is keeping people guessing.