Scorpio and the Amazing Month of August 2022

You appear to be looking ahead to the rest of the year and feeling motivated to get started. If you did take a vacation in July, it was a fantastic idea because it allowed you to rest and reenergize. On July 28, there was a new moon at 6 degrees in Leo, which will have an impact in the days and weeks ahead. You’ll benefit in terms of your career. That new moon was extremely advantageous because it was shining on your mid-heaven, which is located at the top of your chart. You can develop in your career and influence superiors with the help of this new moon. August will be a good time to interview for a new job or to ask your supervisor what it would take to advance within the firm because of how well-known you are. If you’re told you need more experience, find out if switching to a different department can help you learn things faster.

Jupiter was in the ideal position to direct golden rays toward your esteemed, well-paying career sector, so this new moon was a peach. Your everyday responsibilities are connected to your lofty tenth house of honours, accolades, and achievement since Jupiter is in Aries and beaming energy to the transiting Sun and new moon. It’s obvious that the effort you are doing now (and have recently done) can put you on a quick path to success. You’ll soon be able to assume more responsibility and a higher position. It is also the section of the chart that, when activated, provides praise from within your business, the sector you operate in, or the general public.

This August be the ideal moment to hunt for a new job or a promotion. Your most favourable new moon of the year just passed, which will help you persuade decision-makers that you are the greatest candidate for the position they are trying to fill.


Consider skipping this dance if you or your partner has a newborn at home, for instance. Instead, keep an eye out for the full moon on February 5, 2023, which will present you with a wonderful opportunity to once again reach new heights in your field.

On a different note, one of your two rulers, Mars, is poised to make a significant move that you will like. Scorpios like to be in charge of their lives, but lately, especially since early July, when Mars was in Taurus, your opposite sign, you had to give up to other people’s demands and viewpoints.

On August 20, Mars will enter Gemini, which might possibly result in an immediate improvement over your current situation, as Mars is currently in opposition to your Sun. Mars will linger in Gemini for seven months as opposed to the customary seven weeks when he travels through a sign.

Your focus will be on the eighth house of other people’s money, where Mars will be moving. You can be inspired to examine your financial situation and make adjustments to reduce your spending or, alternatively, find new ways to increase your income.

You may be submitting a mortgage application, drafting a will, setting up a bank account for your kids, or engaging in astute tax planning with Mars active and placing such a heavy emphasis on your eighth house financials. Together, you and your financial advisor could modify your investment portfolio. As you assess your financial situation, you might also carefully consider your insurance requirements. Depending on how much and if your lifestyle has changed, you might decide to purchase more coverage or less. Additionally, you might want to look through your credit card statement and remove any regular expenses that you no longer use, require, or desire.