Pluto: Here’s everything about the planet which rules over Scorpio

Pluto is no longer regarded as a planet, yet careful research and a lot of effort went into finding its location, therefore this shouldn’t all be lost because of the nomenclature used at the present. Pluto’s nature includes being written off as the truth that humanity refuses to fully acknowledge and accept. As astrologers, it is our duty to uplift and liberate everyone, and Pluto shouldn’t be any different. The truth is that this planet, which was identified a few years before the Third Reich was founded, has always been related to Scorpio’s dominance and everything that goes along with it.

Pluto, who rules over all negative decisions and taboos in the universe, chiefly refers to the necessity for sexual suppression in humans, which causes intense, unconscious irritation that eventually tends to break free. Pluto is all of this combined into one place when things explode, burst into flames, and stand for the point of nuclear energy that cannot be controlled. Pluto dominates the sign of Scorpio, which is, after all, the sign of sex and war. It can hold a lot, including everything we tucked under the rug and behind our mattresses in an effort to satisfy our false primal needs.

Pluto eventually runs out of control and is unable to hold any more repression, which results in all kinds of negative events and decisions. Pluto will lead us into a completely new realm apart from our ideas and societal conventions, where justice is just what it is and is rooted in our most basic desires, which we like to avoid.

Due to its diminutive size, Pluto has been demoted to the status of a dwarf planet. It was named after the Greek Underworld god, but due to its size and remoteness from Earth, it wasn’t identified until the 20th century. Since the orbits of Uranus and Neptune led to the existence of the ninth planet behind the sphere that was then visible, Pluto’s position was anticipated before it was ever discovered. Pluto has its own orbit around the Sun, which despite being smaller than certain moons that orbit planets in our solar system, causes it to behave in a “planetary way.”

Its orbit is occasionally inclined and eccentric, bringing it closer to the Sun than Neptune. Pluto has made new acquaintances with several dwarf planets ever since it was demoted to that status, particularly Ceres, Makemake, and Eris. This fact appears to conceal its goal of assisting us in discovering the significance of any one of these minor outcasts in our astrological method.


Pluto is still regarded as Scorpio’s ruler, along with Mars, this sign’s traditional ruler, regardless of its planetary position.

The initiative and clarity Mars tends to exhibit during the sign of Aries symbolises this direct, masculine force, and Pluto is its feminine counterpart, presenting a finish to Mars’ beginning and a Jin to its Jang. Pluto is here to demonstrate just how much the feminine has been accepted, and by doing so, it will reveal the true might of Mars.

If there weren’t so many misconceptions and false beliefs that have been passed down through entire families, where one isn’t as good or as capable as the other, the separation of the world into masculine and feminine wouldn’t be a problem as such.

You will need to pause and take a closer look at Pluto if you are looking for a malefic planet in a chart. Traditional astrology won’t consider it, and we won’t generally experience its impacts as strongly as we might have expected to. Reaching it and experiencing its consequences every day would be more than simply discovering the point of enlightenment, even though there are those who are darkened by its rule or position close to the ascendant. It would be demonstrated by our capacity to instantly put whatever dream we have to reality, by controlling time and space, and by conquering even death.