Pisces: This is what this year holds for your love

You enjoy finding the positive side of things, and in 2022 you will have plenty of opportunities to do so thanks to Neptune, your native planet, spending the entire year in your idealistic sign of Pisces. The good news is that your intuition and the daydreams and visions your subconscious conjures up can provide you with surprisingly precise information on which course to take this year.


Neptune’s retrograde cycle, which lasts from the end of June to the end of December, does, however, last half the year, which may lead your utopian outlook on life to come to a screeching halt.



You’re tougher than you appear, Pisces, but once you become used to living in a dreamy haze early in the year, you won’t want to confront some of the truths that are obvious today. 


When you decide to stop putting off things, now is an excellent moment to demonstrate your abilities to everyone.


Enjoy your solar return this spring as the sun passes through your imaginative, intuitive sign from the end of February to the end of March. You’re an introvert who seeks alone to think endlessly about the possibilities that life has to offer since you flourish in your vivid imagination. It would be perfect to read a book on a beach or spend your special birthday time at a lodge by a lake with your best buddy.