Pisces Monthly Horoscope for August 2022

Although your horoscope indicates that you are busier than ever, you probably anticipated for a calm, somewhat relaxed August this year. While you are participating in Zoom sessions, typing away, and missing out on daylight, you have been saying goodbye to pals who are departing for vacation.

Not all Pisces lead that kind of life; I personally know one who attended East Hampton and is still employed there, but she lives close enough to the beach to watch the pink, red, and yellow sunsets while also taking the time to breathe in the fresh air and listen to the sound of the surf lazily splashing on the soft white sand. She can take a short stroll to the local town’s well-liked lunch restaurant to have lobster rolls beneath a sizable red umbrella. The message is that this Pisces is working hard despite being close to the beach. She is exactly like the Pisces who bang away at their keyboards while working from home, occasionally dashing out for takeout sushi, and then returning through deserted city streets.

However, there is a benefit to all of this labour: You have some of the best financial aspects of any other zodiac sign (with the possible exception of Virgo, but their money comes in a little differently). Consequently, even though July and August may not have been to your liking, by early October, you will have enough money to treat yourself to a new, expensive watch, suit, or leather jacket (for my male readers) or, for my female readers, a stunning designer handbag, formal gown, or eye-catching gold jewellery. whichever you please! You’ll smirk to yourself when you finally decide to buy the item.

The understanding that your reputation for excellence is expanding rapidly in your business or the wider globe is the most useful thing you will learn from the process this August.


The new moon on July 28 may have brought you a new batch of tasks, but Jupiter, the planet of luck, is still keeping an eye on your finances and will make sure that you continue to prosper throughout this year and beyond. You will either receive a nice payment right away or later. (Watch for money buckets to arrive on March 21, 2023’s new moon.) You have the Midas touch for generating wealth.

Speak out or find a new employment if you believe you have not received the compensation you deserve. For the best news ever, keep an eye out for this year’s beautiful full moon on October 8–9. Watch for word that a sizable quantity of money is on the way to you on Friday, October 7, and Monday, October 10 through October 13. Those dates fall over the weekend.

Mars is in Taurus, and it seems that one of your strongest qualities has always been and still is your ability to communicate. Something is boiling up, and your abilities are developing and growing more sophisticated every day whether you are speaking, writing, editing, translating, researching, selling, using public relations or marketing, or podcasting.

August 11th’s full moon will be challenging. It will be at 19 degrees Aquarius when it falls, and it will seem as though unexpected news will shake you and push you to make a choice. When particular facts is brought to your attention during a full moon, it tends to cleanse circumstances so you may either address the problem or go on.

Uranus will exert pressure on the Sun in Leo and the new moon in Aquarius from his vantage point in Taurus, your third house of communication, during this full moon, so you should keep an eye on your health. News will likely arrive through phone, email, text, or express mail. This would NOT be the time to fly anyplace; instead, stay at home because issues could arise when you’re out and about. If you absolutely must go, schedule a tune-up for your automobile the moment the month begins so that you can give your mechanic enough time to address any issues he might detect. You’ll have to wait and see whether he finds anything that needs fixing.