Pisces Love Advice: Here’s How you can Attract A Pisces Man

The Pisces man is creative at heart and may eventually turn into an escape artist. Pisces has trouble drawing limits, so he might wade in too deep before turning around. Pisces are sensitive and telepathically intuitive when they are in love. He will totally read you, interpreting your spoken words, body language, and gaze in addition to your body language.

Many Pisces want to connect with someone who shares their ideals, even though some are promiscuous. It is an erratic sign that is always shifting and calls for lots of alone to calm the seas.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that corresponds to Venus’ highest love octave. You can learn more about a person’s personality by considering both their Venus sign and their combined sign. Loud environments overpower the Pisces man’s delicate and complex nature. Therefore, it is best to pick a quiet, “undiscovered” area to get to know him.

The Pisces man appreciates spending time with those who “get” him. Women who are aware of his numerous distractions fall into this category. He feels confused, lost, disoriented, foggy, and bewildered. His protection may consist of hiding for a bit to regain balance since self-protective water indications demand that they do so.

A Pisces Man is looking for a friend who won’t take advantage of his emotional receptivity and sense of loss.

He has trouble believing in himself and functions best when someone is firmly behind him. He is in the Fishes sign, which is ruled by Neptune. That is the planet where things are not always what they appear. He feels at home in his own head and in the world of fantasy.

What was once a thrill becomes a nightmare if the fantasy takes on a life of its own and the line between fact and fiction is blurred. In a relationship, Pisces tends to adopt the viewpoint of the other person, which can be fatal if they end up hanging out with the wrong crowd. Some Pisces are easily tricked, especially if they’re still figuring themselves out. Even worse, they could give in to relationships where they play the martyr or victim. Addiction may do him more harm than other symptoms.


A Pisces man has a lively imagination. He looks for a friend to talk to about his desires. He performs at his best when he is with someone who enables him to give vent to everything inside of him. He gets along well with zodiac signs that offer some consistency, like Capricorn or the polarity anchor represented by Virgo. However, Pisces is a well-liked sign because he is the last sign in the zodiac and contains all twelve signs.

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