Pisces and Libra: Opposites Attract Each Other

Libra and Pisces, Air and Water, appear to have very little in common. They are connected, nevertheless, through Venus, the ruler of Libra who is exalted in Pisces. They may discover actual sexual happiness together since they are in touch with one another through this sensual, loving planet. Since none of these couples will appreciate excessive aggression and roughness, tenderness shouldn’t be an issue. Through a relationship of quite diverse natures, they could learn about a variety of sexual inclinations they were previously unaware of. Since their views on life and sexuality are so drastically different, it would be incredibly challenging for them to create any type of relationship if they weren’t brought together by Venus.

While the Pisces spouse wants someone soft, empathetic, and mindful of their feelings, the Libra partner wants someone strong, passionate, and self-assured. Pisces would like gentle and sensual sexual encounters, whereas Libra will choose rapid and thrilling ones. With the exception of situations where Pisces are too bashful to initiate a sexual relationship with someone as openly sexual as Libra, the primary issue of speed is typically overcome by the fast changeable nature of Pisces.

Pisces will misinterpret Libra’s need to be liked and accepted by others since they don’t comprehend how someone could have such low self-confidence.

Pisces’s glimmering, hopelessly in love, innocent, and flirtatious demeanour will be a major turn-off for Libra, who will not be able to trust someone who freely displays their interest in others. Only by approaching it casually and starting from scratch, as if they had never been in a relationship before, will these partners be able to maintain a trustworthy relationship.

In many circumstances, Libra will value their Pisces partner’s optimism and innocent naivety. Unfortunately, they frequently desire to support their development and alter who they are in order for them to feel “happier.” The issue here is that Libra doesn’t know or make an effort to comprehend what would truly satisfy Pisces. Their entire relationship could be destroyed by this simple act of contempt. The biggest issue in this situation is to maintain a polite relationship, despite how crazy Pisces may appear to their Libra spouse or how stiff and uninteresting Libra may appear to Pisces.

As long as they don’t try to alter one other, explain to each other how they should feel or think in particular circumstances, or even worse, instruct each other in proper behaviour, their communication can be inspiring.

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The image Libra is striving to uphold in the eyes of others may be at risk due to the Pisces partner’s tendency to be fairly direct and spontaneous. They might get to the stage where they can actually talk to each other without passing judgment if they find each other’s actions to be motivating in any manner.

They will value love equally, and this will be their main point of connection. With Venus in the spotlight, they will both need to treasure and be loved by people who know how to do it, who are hot to enjoy life, food, and sex, and who know how to satisfy their loved ones. If they are attracted to one other in the first place, this could lay a solid foundation for a sexual connection. The rest of their personalities will be very different; while Pisces will appreciate spontaneity and the capacity to follow one’s heart, Libra will value consistency and stability.

Venus’ beauty serves as a centre of convergence for Libra and Pisces. However, they see it in very different ways, and they frequently do not respect one another enough to see the Venusian beauty in one another. They might struggle to match their partner’s pace, and Pisces’ fluid nature frequently prevents them from opening up more quickly to develop a connection at a pace that would suit their Libra spouse. B They might discover that they truly love each other if they can get past their mutual disdain and exaggerated expectations.

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