Pisces and what’s in store for them this October 2022

For those born under the Pisces zodiac sign, it’s possible that October will be filled with anxieties and issues. Rahu will be in your house of family and wealth this month, which could cause problems for your financial situation and family life. You are urged to limit your spending during this time because costs can increase. Additionally, disagreements among the family members may develop over certain subjects. You can have mental tension as a result. But your first house will be occupied by Jupiter, the ruler of your zodiac sign and the house of Karma.

As a result, you might achieve success in terms of your career. The ruling lord of your fifth house, also known as the house of love, Moon, will conjoin Rahu at the same time. Additionally, Saturn will have an aspect on your fifth house, which could cause ups and downs in your romantic relationship. To find out how the month of October will affect your future, scroll ahead and continue reading.

October can be a productive month for Pisces natives in terms of their careers. Jupiter, the governing lord of your tenth house, the house of Karma, will remain in your first house during this month. In this aspect, new opportunities for job advancement are anticipated to arise, with students likely to stand to earn the most. In addition, the medical students will enjoy themselves. The time period may also be advantageous for people who want to expand their businesses and make significant financial advantages. People who have been considering changing jobs for a while may find good opportunities. Additionally, their transfer is a possibility.

From a financial perspective, October can produce a mixed bag of results. Rahu will reside in your second house, the home of wealth, at the beginning of the month. Your costs could increase during this time. You might be given some duties by the family, and you might need to spend money to complete them. Spend as much money as you can on necessities in this situation to avoid having to borrow money. Saturn will still be in your eleventh house, which is the home of earnings, so you may benefit from inherited possessions.

October can be a month of pushes and pulls for people born under the sign of Pisces in terms of their health. Your health is likely to improve because the Sun, the lord of your sixth house, the house of disease, will make a conjunction with Mercury and Venus in your seventh house in the first half of the month. As a result of Mars’ aspect to your house of sickness and other factors, you may experience joint issues. As a result of a family elder having a health issue, you may experience tension and stress. The inhabitants of this zodiac sign may also experience indigestion, gastrointestinal issues, and eye-related issues.


Your health may suffer in the second part of the month as a result of Mercury, Venus, and the Sun transiting your eighth house. You must control your eating habits, and don’t forget to schedule daily time for yoga and other physical activities.

When it comes to relationships and marriage, those born under this sign are likely to experience a range of outcomes in the month of October. On the 10th of this month, the aspect of Saturn will be on your house of love, and the Moon, the ruling lord of your fifth house, the house of love, will form a conjunction with Rahu in your second house. Due to the placement of the planets, there is a potential that the lovebirds will disagree on some matters. You are urged in such a scenario to put off listening to rumours, attempt to connect with truth on your own, and have faith in your lover.

On the other side, this zodiac sign’s married citizens may experience a prosperous month. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun will conjunct in your seventh house, the house of marriage, throughout the first part of the month, forming Budhaditya Yoga. Married natives might make some important judgments in such a situation, which might be good for their marriage. You two might get close, and your shared trust in one another might grow. Spending memorable time with your life partner is something you can achieve.

October can be an up-and-down month for people born under the sign of Pisces in terms of family life.

Rahu will reside at your second home, the home of your family, during this time. As a result, there is a chance that family relationships will become acrimonious. Family members’ brains might get taxed by negative thinking, which can lead to heated fights. You must learn to manage your rage and make an effort to address the issues gently and calmly. Before making any decisions, do with family members, especially the elders; otherwise, issues could get worse. There is a potential that family issues will negatively affect your profession and work.

Before making any delicate decisions affecting the family, you are encouraged to exercise extreme caution. Due to Mars’ transit of your third house, the house of siblings, in the first half of the month, things will become better in the family. Your brothers and sisters will be at your complete disposal throughout this time, and interactions between family members should get better.