Part of Fortune in Astrology: Explained!

The Part of Fortune in the birth chart shows innate talents and where a person feels most like themselves. It conveys where a person feels like they belong, along with their strengths. 

What Is Part of Fortune?

The part of fortune is the exact spot where your sun, moon, and rising sign are in harmony with one another. For that reason, many assume that it’s the point that represents where we’re acting at our highest potential. 

The part of fortune actually represents the core talent we possess that will take us to success. However, not everyone will reach their point of fortune potential. It takes equal amounts of luck, dedication, hard work and commitment to a single goal to achieve this level of ego and soul alignment. Your attitude toward achieving your goals can play just as big a factor in your success as the sign your Part of Fortune falls into.


Named for the Roman goddess of money and good luck, Fortuna, the part of fortune looks like a wheel with an “X” in the middle of it.

Meaning in Birth Chart

The zodiac sign and House where your Part of Fortune is positioned can show where you will find success and joy by integrating the qualities of your personality into your daily life. The sign placement of the Part of Fortune and its relationship to your 10th House placements can show you your ideal career path or vocation.