October 2022 Horoscope: Zodiac Sign Relation & Effects!

The month of October is here, it surely does bring along some new surprises for your zodiac as per October 2022 Horoscope. We’ve covered some important dates that will help you to get prepared for the upcoming days. Just keep scrolling below and you’ll get all the needed information.

Some of the major astronomical changes are as follow:

End of the Mercury’s Retrograde

Well surely a ton of obstacles are going to get removed which were bothering our life. Most of the misconceptions and confusions are going to get sorted. This surely will set things straight.

horoscope2022-horoscope_october_2022  Arrival of the Eclipse Season

If you aren’t familiar, Eclipse season is considered to be the part of the year where we go through a ton of life changing experiences.

Initiation of Mars’s Retrograde in October 2022:

As Mars is considered to be the planet of energy, action alongside drive we surely are going to face some major experiences linked to our goals.

The major dates for the month of October are as follows:

1st October : A jam packed day. You’re surely going to have an amazing day but be sure to keep a check on your expenses as they might hurt you a bit.

2nd October : Mercury is there alongside Virgo so you might still have a low energy level but it surely will surge.

6th October : Mercury is alongside Pluto so there’s surely a ton of deep conversations going around.

8th October : Pluto comes toward Capricorn. This will have an impact on our living conditions and also the authorities linked to it such as the bank as well as the government.


9th October : The sky is lit up by the hunter moon which surely will help to make yourself a priority.

10th October : Mercury is again in touch with Libra. There will be a surge in communication in the relationship aspects of your life.

11th October : The Sun is with Saturn today. This surely is the right day to head on to new ventures in life, so go out there looking for your goals.

12th October : Mars collides with Neptune, this will surely take a toll on your energy level, try to avoid hookups as far as possible as there’s a ton of illusions around.

14th October : The best day for all your romantic experiences. If you currently aren’t dating this surely is the right day to go out and look for a match.

16th October : Mercury is back on track!

17th October : Sun ties with Mars providing you all the needed energy so go out and work towards your ambitions.

18th October : Venus is alongside Mars! Surely another great romantic day for you.

19th October : The sun is against Pluto. This will create a ton of drama so try not to fuel the fire up.

20th October :  Well the drama is still on a roll as Venus isn’t on good terms with Pluto.

22th October : The sun gets along with Venus and surely this shall take away all the drama as well. Mercury’s also got a connection with Saturn so you’ll have a clear mind in order to think about the upcoming future tasks.

23th October : Saturn is there with Aquarius which shall bring along all the Karma in fields such as politics, global affairs. Venus as well as The Sun hop onto Scorpio creating a deep passion amongst couples.

25th October : Scorpio goes through a Solar Eclipse which surely is an indication for the new beginnings.

26th October : Mercury holds hands with Mars so you are on top of your social game.

October 2022 Horoscope Zodiac Sign in October 2022

27th October : Mercury is under Pluto’s attack which indicates dark thoughts in a clogged up mind.

28th October : Jupiter is there with Pisces. You might have some potent dreams along this day.

29th October : Mercury is there with Scorpio. This will make our minds a bit more emotional as well as strategic.

30th October : Mars’s under retrograde in Gemini’s sky. Be prepared for a ton of miss communications as well as challenges in upcoming month.

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