November 2022: Here are the upcoming events this Month

The month starts off strong with celestial adjustments that upgrade our attention to the wellbeing of our inner selves and the wider globe. It’s a magical season with plenty of chances to refocus our intentions, make sure that our energy is in line with our soul journey, and connect to universal energies while managing the day-to-day issues of the world.

November is commonly referred to as the eleventh month. The collective numerology for November 2022, however, conveys the “number eight” vibrations of limitless power and wisdom as well as the balance and harmony of the cosmos.

To connect with your spiritual self and venture into the unknown, use November. The month ahead is an electrical storm that will shake, awaken, and move us forward in the pursuit of personal self-development, from letting go of old baggage to healing trauma in the body, emerging from confusion, and rising from the ashes.

The emotional unwinding that occurs during eclipse season is significant as society develops new coping mechanisms for emotions like rage, tension, and frustration. However, despite the appearance of confusion, magic exists all around us, particularly in the strength of the breath and the calm of the mind.

Mars is continuing retrograding in Gemini, bringing up a lot of issues relating to communication, self-expression, and the interplay between authority and power.

The deepest mysteries of existence and the soul’s sexual rivers are penetrated by the Sun in Scorpio. enhancing intuition to reveal the essence of reality and perceive persons and things for what they truly are. Additionally, the Scorpio season offers strong spiritual alignment to work with, enabling you to access all aspect of who you are.

Since their conjunction in October, Venus has been moving in tandem with the Sun, igniting a fresh heart pact. Venus’ passage through Scorpio sparked a tremendous purging of outdated beliefs, exposing problems with sexuality, possessions, self-worth, and the intimate skill of giving and receiving.


Venus in Sagittarius encourages levity, optimism, openness, comprehension, and expanding consciousness as we travel down the spiritual path. Be prepared to feel pulled to unusual people, locations, and experiences that inspire a newfound passion of life.

Mercury, the “Cosmic Messenger,” travels into the wide-open spaces of Sagittarius in search of excitement, amusement, exploration, spiritual advancements, and fervent communication. Mercury may struggle in Sagittarius, but it is still in a favourable position since this transit enlarges and illuminates thoughts from the higher mind and makes the creative drives of the soul more apparent.

Engage your intuitive side through writing, learning about various cultures, and interacting with them. Overall, as the mind turns toward greater awareness, there is no time for little chat.

A cloudy Mars-Neptune square on Saturday, November 19th, symbolises the dissolution of old mental programming and addictive behavioural patterns by releasing repressed rage and unusual subconscious urges.

Through comprehensive self-care practises, there is a level of uncertainty, dishonesty, doubt, or self-destructive impulses and behaviours that needs to be explored and let go of. Although this transit produces strange energy, it represents the possibility of transforming male energies and overcoming ego.

On November 22, the Sun exits Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, bringing an epic season of epiphanies and spiritual advancements to a close. Sagittarius, also known as the archer who is committed to pointing their arrow toward understanding their inner truth, is the sign of growth and soul-centered cognition. The final Fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, symbolises victory when the higher self triumphs over the lower self.

Overall, the Sagittarius season inspires us to find acceptance, truth, and knowledge in the journey rather than concentrating on the outcome and burns down the old. If you have faith and believe in the force inside, your arrow will finally land where it should. To break free from mental and emotional prisons, one must battle. Utilize the energy at hand to learn more and change the way you are approaching your objectives or life’s purpose. Out of the ashes of the ego, a new picture of oneself appears, bringing with it a sense of boundless assurance, strength, and a closer relationship with one’s inner spirit.

On November 23, a New Moon will occur, leading to a significant expansion and enlightenment of the Soul. Additionally, this New Moon is the next-to-last one of the year.

A magical phase known as a New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in conjunct, signifying the beginning of a brand-new 28-day lunar cycle. Darkness reigns supreme and magic becomes more powerful during this phase, signifying the ideal time to sow new seeds and nourish existing ones. The New Moon in Sagittarius ushers in the cosmic conflagration of 2022 and clears the way for fresh chances.

Finally, a number of minor transits and a Venus-Mars opposition on November 30—during the First Quarter Moon in Pisces—mark the month’s conclusion. A First Quarter Moon, which occurs when the Moon and Sun are 90 degrees squared, calls for following through on the resolutions made at the New Moon. In this phase, only half of the Moon is visible; the other half is shrouded in shadow. It represents a strong desire for stability and balance. This suggests a time when intuition, creativity, and imagination are all at their highest.