New Moon: Tarot Spread for Manifestation

Most people are familiar with the potent energy of a full moon. But new moons are just as, if not more, opportunistic when manifesting the things we want.  

New moons represent the beginning of the lunar cycle, which translates just the same in our real lives. A new moon is the perfect window of opportunity to ask someone out, start a new business venture, daydream, or cast your intentions into the universe.

Tarot Cards to Watch For

When reading under a new moon, take special note if these cards show up:

The Fool: This go-getter, risk-taking card is peak new-moon energy.

The Magician: This card is heavily linked to manifestation, as it’s the second card of the Major Arcana.

Aces: They signal pure energies or fields on which we can focus on.

The Star: This card is incredibly powerful for channelling, making a wish, or aligning your intentions with a Higher Power.

7-Card New Moon Tarot Spread

This is a great little spread for setting intentions:

  1. Where am I right now?
  2. What seed should I plant today?
  3. Where is the new moon guiding me?
  4. The project I need to focus on
  5. Something to let go of
  6. A new habit to pick up
  7. Advice

New Moon Journal Prompts

After you’ve pulled your Tarot cards, you can see these prompts to explore intentions further:

How can I find better alignment? I am one with my intentions, which are always true and for the greater good.

What possibilities are there for me? The seed I plant today will bear fruit I’ll collect tomorrow.

What is coming for me? I’m ready to chart my next journey toward deep satisfaction and fulfilment.

What do I need to know? My higher self is open, receptive, and eager to embrace the epiphany that will bring forth growth, abundance, and expansion.