Neptune Retrograde 2022: Everything to know About it!

If somehow or the other you’ve come across the word Neptune Retrograde. And don’t have an idea what does this means? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered just keep scrolling this article below to know what Neptune retrograde is and how is it going to affect your stars.

Neptune Retrograde 2022 astrological effects

Neptune Retrograde, the Meaning:

Neptune is considered to be the planet of illusions and delusions, it has a significant effect on our emotional sensitivity as well as dreams.

In the year 2K22, you are going to experience the effects of Neptune which will take you through the gloomy waters. Well if you are having second thoughts about your intuitions this may be the sign which is going to stick around for the rest half of the year. Keep in mind that you always go along with your gut feeling rather than that stick to your emotions which will be a difficult task to perform but it’s the only way you can get to know the truth.

Neptune Retrograde 2022

Major Dates of Neptune Retrograde:

  • June 28th – At 6:21 Pacific time Neptune turns retrograde at 25°27′ of Pisces.
  • December 3rd- Neptune turns direct at 22°39′ of Pisces.
  • March 24th, 2023 – At 7:35 am the post retrograde shadow of Neptune will be left at 25°27′ of Pisces.

Effects on the Various Starsigns:

  • Aries – Well consider this to be a better phase of your life as you are going to all the success that comes along your way. You just need to keep a watch on your dreams as they will help to find better clarity and understanding in life.
  • Taurus – Well it may be a bad phase with your friends as you might think. If you are not getting along with them just hang on there and let them know how important they are in your life.
  • Gemini – Well things won’t unfold the way you want them to be in your career. But don’t stress about it just take a break and have some time to get back a hold of your senses.
  • Cancer – Don’t get stuck to the old ideas and beliefs just try to get a hold of yourself. And figure out the best ways possible for you as the inner wisdom. You’ve got is unmatched and it will help you a lot.

Neptune Retrograde 2022 know everything

  • Leo- well you can create limitations but you won’t be able to hold on to these limitations. You’ve got a huge heart. But it’s certainly not a good time to provide everyone with a piece of it so learn to create boundaries.
  • Virgo – You might come across some old mate which will certainly take you down memory lane. But be careful not to go along the same old lanes as you’ve done earlier as it’s not fruitful.
  • Libra – Your work life will be quite busy so you should take some time off. You can go for healing baths which will help you a lot.
  • Scorpio – You’ve got love on your mind but getting a partner isn’t an easy task for you. Well, this doesn’t mean you need to hang around alone just keep on looking for the perfect one. With a bit more of added effort and you will end up with a good partner.
  • Sagittarius – You just need to tweak your beliefs so that you get along better with people. This will certainly help you to vibe with them.

  • Capricorn – Well it won’t be wrong to say that you act as per the people’s demands. And that needs to change, try to keep your own opinion and be a good listener.
  • Aquarius – It’s a good time to keep a check on your expenses. It might seem difficult to stick to a financial plan but having a few extra bucks in the bank account is not that bad of an idea.
  • Pisces – Well it’s not a bad thing if you project better and positive vibes it’s only a matter of fact. How others face these projections, just don’t try to be in dreamland.

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