Mercury upcoming transit and how it will affect your Communication

Consider all of your connections, both romantic and otherwise, from those that provide you connection, closeness, and joy to those that could even make you feel dreadful, irate, or envious. Your relationship with someone is shaped by how well and lovingly you communicate with them, as well as how poorly and confusedly you do. Because of how potent our words are, a relationship can be made or broken.

And Mercury, the planet of speech and information exchange, has a profound though enigmatic impact on how we converse with and comprehend one another. Mercury is currently glinting through different zodiac signs, thus how we communicate with others may feel like a graceful tango or an awkward dance with two left feet.

On November 17, 2022, Mercury will enter vivacious Sagittarius; today, we’ll explain the implications for you and your relationships.

Mercury is a vivacious planet that flits about in the sky with purpose and passion. And the reason for that is that Mercury serves a unique purpose. The Roman gods’ messenger with the same name, Mercury, is the astrological sign of wisdom, communication, and the mind. Short-distance travel and specific technologies are also connected to it, which is why Mercury retrograde periods can result in so many aggravating difficulties in these areas.

The frequency and mode of information exchange between individuals, as well as how we express ourselves to the world and to one another, all have an impact on this globe. This is the planet of celestial discourse and cosmic intelligence. Mercury not only symbolises each person’s unique communication style, but it also ties to our thoughts and how they function, including how we conceptualise specific concepts or interpret specific situations. It establishes the means by which we express ourselves and the reactions of others to those means of expression.


On the one hand, we are more inspired than ever to make great plans and pursue our dreams, but on the other side, we are coping with Sagittarius’ spontaneous, occasionally chaotic energy. Due to their intense attention on their objectives, Sagittarius is symbolised by the archer, even though this dedication does not always result in success. The sign of Sagittarius is easily sidetracked, and depending on their mood, their passions change regularly. Because of this, individuals frequently aim at another goal so rapidly that they lose sight of the previous important dream they had their sights set on.

However, that doesn’t mean that this transit is devoid of enchanting energy. The ninth house, known as the House of Philosophy, is ruled by Sagittarius. Your curiosity knows no bounds when that combines with Mercury’s intelligence. New theories, concepts, philosophies, or metaphysical and spiritual pursuits might fascinate you.