Mercury: The Planet which rules Virgo and Gemini

Mercury has a unique bond with the Sun because it is the planet that is nearest to it. It is the gods’ messenger, a deity that conveys knowledge from one plane of existence to another and from one individual to another. It also learns how to practically apply knowledge to daily decisions. Although Mercury is little and frequently seen as this little trickster who may lead us in one direction or the other, it plays a very significant function and represents our own internal conflicted selves. Mercury is a symbol for how we think, and its placement in an element and a house indicates how we reason, indicating the thoughts that dominate our daily lives.

As the sign that rules both Gemini and Virgo, it appears to have the responsibility of bridging the gap between our mental plain, or the realm of ideas, and the practical, Earthly aspect of our humanity, which speaks of our physiology, work habits, and daily routine.

The planet closest to the Sun, Mercury, is the smallest in the solar system.

Although this would lead us to believe that it is also the warmest planet, Venus, with its dense atmosphere, has taken up this heated role. With the help of the Sun’s light, Mercury will travel three full rotations around the Sun for every one Earth revolution. This is the fundamental reason Mercury’s retrograde motion occurs around three times every year in the geocentric system we observe—it implies that three years on Mercury fit into one year on our planet.


From our vantage point, Mercury appears to move forward before occasionally reversing course, hurried and confused, and making numerous errors of judgement in the process. The speed of its movement led ancient civilizations to assume that it was two different stars – one of which appeared in the morning, and the other which appeared in the evening.

In Astrology, Mercury is viewed as our style of thinking and communicating. Our minds travel there most frequently throughout our lifetime since it is a planet of information. When emphasised in a person’s chart, it frequently refers to a unique bond with a brother because Gemini, its ruling sign, always highlights the struggles of brotherly love. It is a point of verbal comprehension and self-expression that aids us in figuring out how to communicate our inner truth to others.

This is a planet of full consciousness with regular close-up views of the Sun, and as such it demonstrates our capacity for making thoughtful judgments that are based on our intellect and the amount of light in our existence.